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Anyone got an email address for Boden Complaints?

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MrsKitty Sun 21-Aug-11 23:11:35

Need to send an email to Boden regarding some issues I have with a couple of their items. I've tried using the 'Contact Us' page on the website, but it keeps telling me there's an error (perhaps my email is a bit long...blush)

I've googled briefly, but found nothing. Perhaps someone here has an address? If not I'll have to resort to old fashioned envelope & stamp I suppose.


NoseyNooNoo Sun 21-Aug-11 23:23:19

Phone them?

MrsKitty Sun 21-Aug-11 23:25:54

Mmm, thought of that, but I'm on night shift at work tonight/this week so not really around/awake/available to use the phone without 2 small children clambouring at my legs asking "who you speak to, Mummy?" when customer services are open. Prefer to do things in writing anyway - always too apologetic to complain on the phone blush.

AlpinePony Mon 22-Aug-11 08:34:09

As per my recent order dispatch email:

"Dear AlpinePony

We have just despatched the following items detailed below "Despatch Summary" to:

The biggest house in the street
Fuck Town

Despatch Summary (despatch ??? confused)

Ordered Description Price
Overpriced Lined Tartan Baggies £15.30
Cute Applique Leather Shoes £8.00
12 quid for a tossing t-shirt? for a 1 year old? shock Woodland Applique T-shirt £11.90

Please note that the total amount is stated before deducting any payments you have made by either gift voucher, account credit or exchange credit. These will be deducted from the total amount and any remaining balance will be charged to your credit card.

Sale Items need to be returned within 7 working days of receipt for a full refund. Please see details at the end of this email.

Your items have been sent by International Mail (EU) and should be with you within 10 working days.

We do hope you enjoy your items.

If you have any queries, please e-mail us at (ding ding DING we have a winner!), or call us on 0844 873 0000, Mon-Sat 8am to 10pm and Sun 10am to 6pm.

How are we doing? We'd love to hear what you think of our service. Hold on to this email, and when your order arrives, please click below and tell us what you think.

MrsKitty Mon 22-Aug-11 13:18:32

Thanks AlpinePony grin.

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