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Help desperatley needed lost the way!!

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leobeebs Sun 21-Aug-11 17:00:05

I really need some help to get some style back again. Used to have abit before I had my DS 5 years ago when I was thinner and more confident. State of play at the mo. Im 37 size 12/14 more 14(hate IT) 5'4" 32gg norks, slim waist but slight muffin top and big love handles going on!!
I need a casual wardrobe, mainly wear jeans, double layer top things or henleys but little style going on. You all seem so with it and look lovely and I feel like i look shit!! Am thinking of asking father christmas for my colours done as lots of you rave about it.
So please lovely MN can you help me put a few nice looks together before I go mad?

VelvetSnow Sun 21-Aug-11 17:29:59

I just bought this jacket from Next.

Definitley hides my muffin top.

leobeebs Sun 21-Aug-11 17:39:36

Think that wont help my massive norks!!

Am quite interested in silk tops that everyone is going on about but not sure where to get them. Is there any alternative to jeans normally wear boyfriend but they arnt really that flattering so have gone for slim legs which look abit better but need to loose some tonnage before I venture to skinnies. What kind of shoes do you wear in autumn? Got some converse for school run days and nice work type boots that are just above ankle height. Got so many questions dont know where to start!!

VelvetSnow Sun 21-Aug-11 17:51:20

Oh, sorry forgot about the norks grin you lucky thing

I wear ankle boots similar to these, but not with skinny jeans, never tried slim leg - I tend to either go for boyfriend or bootcut.

Or, if I'm just nipping out to the shops then a pair of ballerina pumps seem to do the trick.

I'm not that great with tops - would be interested to see what anyone else comes up with.

Also, apologies for the links all being for Next smile

Gillybobs Sun 21-Aug-11 18:00:19

Hello, Ive been where you are, its very soul destroying but not hard to fix : )

Good start with the straight leg jeans, they make a huge difference imo. Shoes wise, ballet pumps in a good neutral colour for day to day, then into flat boots come colder weather I find works well

Find tops that arent clingy, either woven fabric or even silky type, I like printed tops as the print seems to distract the eye from my less than perfect shape. I then choose one of colours from the print and get a cropped cardi to wear on top.

While its still mild weather wise I get a lot of wear out of jersey blazers, like these , to me they smarten up my jeans and ballet pumps uniform

To be honest I find getting a really nice jacket the key to looking "pulled together", there are loads of nice barbour style jackets around for winter, if you have on one of those with nice dark jeans and knee high boots you will look great.

One final thing, the power of a great leather handbag and a nice printed scarf should NEVER be underestimated. What about choosing a bag in a bright colour you love then finding a print scarf that coordinates.

Yeah so:
Stick with straight dark indigo jeans
Ballet pumps for now
Knee High boots for colder weather
Non Clingy tops and coordinating cardis
Nice blazer for now/warm jacket for winter
Fabby Bag and co-ordinating scarf

Make sure everything you buy co-ordinates, then you'll never be stuck for an outfit

leobeebs Sun 21-Aug-11 19:39:10

Thanks Gillybobs. I really have just lost it. Think where Im heavier than I was or like to be I just feel I look awful and mumsy and wear the same old thing and never look good. Have you had your colours done?
I have got the uniqlo jersey blazer in grey that everyone on here seems to have but not sure what kinhd of top to wear. And sorry for so many questions but like the dress/tunic and legging look has anyone got links for those please as I cant find any nice ones. (not keen on the boden/doctors wife kind of look!)

VelvetSnow Sun 21-Aug-11 19:46:11

blue drape jersey tunic

bubble hem tunic, great for muffin tops

Gillybobs Sun 21-Aug-11 21:50:52

Try shopstyle for tunics, just type whatever you are looking for into the search bar and it will find everything for sale with that description

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