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Breatheout Fri 19-Aug-11 21:18:48

Has anyone splashed out for one of these? I have dry sensitive skin but have had amazing results with really massaging in my cleanser so was wondering if this might have the same effect. Have been stung with gadget buying before when I caved to a Bbyliss Big Hair which did nothing for my fine flyaway hair so please be honest smile
Thank you!

coffeenut Sat 20-Aug-11 09:02:04

No but I hear it is the bomb. I would wait for a sale or birthday.

FoofFighters Sat 20-Aug-11 10:07:45

I seem to remember another thread here where some recommended the QVC version, which is cheaper. Might be useful to try first? I quite fancy trying it!

iskra Sat 20-Aug-11 10:13:46

I'm interested too...

magicmelons Sat 20-Aug-11 11:04:24

I am desperately saving my pennies for one.

snoozingbeauty Sat 20-Aug-11 20:51:38

They are amazing. I happily go without foundation these days. Believe the hype!
I didn't get the fancy-pants one you do your body with too though. And I see it as an investment, plus you hardly need any cleanser to foam up, I use Mama Mio Clean Slate with it ( and it's delicious, plus it's lasted about 6 months with the Clarisonic.
(My sister got really good results for her rosacea with this combo too btw.)

TracyK Sun 21-Aug-11 10:24:34

I think I'm allergic to the mama mio clean slate - so I'd get a tester of it first. It really nips my skin and makes it all red and blotchy. But I love the mighty moisturiser and am ok with their neckercise lotion.

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