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wavy/curly/pita hair advice

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NeatFreak Fri 19-Aug-11 15:11:06

I have shoulder length dark wavy hair- its not lovely ringlety curls but kind of flat on top and curly at the bottom. My fridge is just kinky and looks ridiculous unless I straighten it. I have some long layers in it, shortest about chin length.

What do people do with such hair? Using straighteners makes it look seriously straight and a bit severe and takes ages (hair is also really thick but luckily not frizzy) but leaving it to dry naturally makes me look like a scarecrow. I really don't have time to wash and style it every day but need to wash it every two days.

I see I'm not painting a very attractive picture but its not THAT bad... I am going to have it cut next week but don't know what to ask for- what I really want is something low maintenance, smooth and pretty but that's unlikely!

(i realise it would be easier to post a picture but I'm too scared I'll be outed)

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Fri 19-Aug-11 23:30:28

Mine is very similar, also straighter at the front than the back. No fringe though. The cut which works for mine is to have the shortest layer about mouth length rather than chin length, the top retains more body this way and this shorter layer curls abit higher. I just wash, condition, comb with a wide comb and leave to dry naturally, it all settles into a lovely mass of waves and curls from about the tops of my ears down, smooth on top, wash every other day. I avoid all hair products with silicones in, which I think really helps with the condition too.

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