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Wedding dresses for tall people?

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Chicinwellies Fri 19-Aug-11 12:56:20

My lovely sister is getting married next year, and is close to 6ft. Can anyone here recommend any dresses/makes for taller girls? Price wise they have quite a modest budget but may have one made if they can't find 'the' one.

onelily Fri 19-Aug-11 14:21:54

well i could jst suggest
this and

CMOTdibbler Fri 19-Aug-11 14:44:09

For reasons best known to themselves, wedding dresses are very long, so it shouldn't be a problem for her. Just go and try some on

Loupee Sat 20-Aug-11 11:40:49

I got married last year on a budget and am 6ft myself. I was hoping to get something 'off the peg' to keep costs down, my one requirement was that it would at least touch the ground. Nothing at the likes of monsoon or BHS were remotely long enough for, and I didn't have the time to risk getting something ordered online. I ended up buying a designer dress, from the Bridal Room at Frasers, these are always made very long as are usually taken up during alterations. It was by far the most expensive thing for our small wedding, however I sold it after and got about 80% back, and I had my perfect dress for the day, still love looking at it in the photos.

tethersend Sat 20-Aug-11 15:41:06

This is lovely. And long.

MadameCastafiore Sat 20-Aug-11 15:52:42

Look at pronovias - most of their dresses are long and very beautiful and reasonable.

onelily Mon 22-Aug-11 09:19:18

i like this one bt soemhow feel its too expensive, would not waste that sort of money only on one dress. i would say something thats affordable or gives you back return, go for that

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