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New Curly Hair - Please tell me how to look after it!

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henrythecat Thu 18-Aug-11 18:44:13

Getting a permanent wave put into hair next week, end result should be medium sized soft curls (I hope!). Normally hair is poker straight and tonged curls drop out in half an hour so really looking forward to this. It did just dawn on me that I have NO IDEA how to look after curly hair so after a little bit of advice really.

Had a little look at the Curly Girl method and looked at old CG MN thread which was v informative. Do exercise most days so daily hair washing will still be essential and as hair will be flat at roots iyswim, I'm not sure about the no-poo/low-poo method as don't want to be a greaseball.

I have thus gleaned that I will need: wide tooth comb (and not to brush), original source shampoo (will use just tiny amount mostly on roots) and conditioner, microfibre turban to help dry, hairdryer with diffuser.

Does the above sound right? Any styling product recommendations? TIA

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