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Recommendations for boots like Dubarry's?

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SevenAgainstThebes Wed 17-Aug-11 23:22:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ComradeJing Thu 18-Aug-11 00:18:04

<poised with paper and pen>

PercyPigPie Thu 18-Aug-11 01:07:48

Can they be resoled? I thought they were like wellingtons and that once the sole was worn, that was it.

GillyMac93 Thu 18-Aug-11 08:56:42

I liked Dubbary boots too but i got some much cheaper ones from Rydale , £85 ,so far theyve been really comfy and hardwearing .

WeeMacgregor Thu 18-Aug-11 09:06:08

Rydale boots are a good alternative, I've been saving up for some Dubarry boots for this winter, almost got enough - but now you've mentioned them on here they'll probably all sell out before I can get my hands on a pair!!

I think you're right about the sole Mudandmayhem

Thehusbandsatcricketagain Thu 18-Aug-11 09:22:27

I have sherwood forest "dalton" country boots but their "furlong" ones look more like dubarrys but cost tons less money & mine kept my feet warm,dry & toasty during winter.......even worn them this summer during wet weather when out with dog (wellie too hot) & my feet were not cooked like they would have been in wellies.

gregssausageroll Thu 18-Aug-11 09:25:47

my dubarry boots are they best cash I have ever spent.

dexter73 Thu 18-Aug-11 10:06:50

I remember someone here recommending Toggi boots. They have lots of different styles if you do a search.

SevenAgainstThebes Thu 18-Aug-11 10:23:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DarklyDreaming Thu 18-Aug-11 11:24:47

Dubarry have an end of line sale on at the moment - Clare boots for £199 here

TheMoreItSnows Thu 18-Aug-11 11:27:05

Just to offer up some alternatives that I like to drool over as winter approaches.

Have you seen The Spanish Boot Company - their country boots are waterproof here.

Also Ariat (I live in my Ariats in the winter - 4 years old, never resoled, never re-waterproofed) here

ComradeJing Thu 18-Aug-11 14:05:22

What is the sizing like for Dubarry? I'm going to get the clare in the sale.

gregssausageroll Thu 18-Aug-11 14:15:29

I'd suggest (if you can) ordering your usual size plus your usual size wide fitting.

Mine at a 7 wide. I couldn't fet my feet into the standard 7 and I don't think my feet are that hefty. 7 wide fitted perfectly.

Return what you don't need.

SevenAgainstThebes Fri 19-Aug-11 11:43:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMoreItSnows Fri 19-Aug-11 13:36:10

Why don't you give them a bell and explain your problem and see if they can 'chop a bit off the top'!? They do a 'made to measure' as well, but don't know if it includes the boots you are interested in.

brighthair Fri 19-Aug-11 13:54:04

Ariat, love love love!!
I have the grasmere

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