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would u wear these boots? and with what?

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lilly153 Wed 17-Aug-11 20:31:26

ok so i have no style sence what so ever wore the same boot cut jeans hairstle make-up everything for years (well i do wash i mean same stylegrin )


would these be nice with black skinny jeans? if so what to where on top half for casual but stylish look
if these boots r ugly wink what is nice for skinny/straight jeans just for a change

MadStaringEyes Wed 17-Aug-11 20:35:13

I think the boots would look better in black, but then I'm not a fan of fake wear.

I'd wear them with skinny jeans and a floaty top. I'd try them with a tea dress and opaques and see how many people laughed at me.

Catsmamma Wed 17-Aug-11 20:40:00

i like the boots, have some very similar ones

I tend to wear skinny jeans tucked in, but make sure they do not pouf over the top....bit too reminiscent of the late eighties for me!

top, i'd probably have a vest top/t shirt and a long arse covering cardi or knitted dress/long top

add in a big buckle belt to take the blame for any muffin top.

meltedchocolate Wed 17-Aug-11 21:00:07

shock NO NEVER wear a belt, especially a big one, to cover a muffin top. It draws attention to it!!! You want a belt to draw attention to a good area. Big hip belts if you are top heavy though. smile

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