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Seasons/colours. I am confused - any colour experts around to help please?

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MrsSeanBean Wed 17-Aug-11 19:37:02

I have naturally dark ash blonde/light ash brown hair, now grey, highlighted to beige blonde.

My eyes are blue, quite dark.

I (think !) look good in black, navy, sea green, pale beige, pale pink (pale colours need to be balanced with a darker colour though, otherwise I look odd). I look bad in red but brown sometimes works.

I have very pale skin.

Is this ringing bells with any experts? I had a look at the site recommended the other day but could not work out if I am winter or summer :-/

ellangirl Wed 17-Aug-11 20:46:09

My best guess is summer, but it's almost impossible to tell from a description. Why don't you think you are autumn or spring?

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