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Right, had enough. Am 40 and need something for my shiny skin!

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fartmeistergeneral Wed 17-Aug-11 15:18:36

Can anyone recommend any products or make up to help either get rid of it or matt it up? Powder doesn't seem to do much and certainly doesn't last. I make sure I use a cleanser that doesn't dry it too much cos I've been fooled by 'oily skin' cleanser in the past that dries it all up but then my skin fights back and gets oilier than ever.

Thehusbandsatcricketagain Wed 17-Aug-11 15:58:24

I will be watching this thread as I too have shiny skin & am past 40...........

Elemental Wed 17-Aug-11 16:03:09

There's an Urban Decay powder that's brilliant for oily skin. Can't remember the name, but it's in a purple case and looks bright white. It goes on transparent though.

HeavyHeidi Wed 17-Aug-11 16:11:59

Dr. Hauschka normalizing face oil. Will actually get rid of the shine and not just cover it like powders.

Mumelie Wed 17-Aug-11 16:21:02

I use No7 Shine Free make up base over moisturiser (about 15-20 mins later). I get shiny nose and chin and find this does help control it. Then I use bare minerals make up and mineral veil over the top (reapply maybe 3 times during the day). Those blotting sheets you can get from the Bodyshop are good too to have in your handbag for shiny moments! I've not found anything that lasts all day though.

Sparklegeek Wed 17-Aug-11 22:39:02

I have recently discovered Stila oil-free tinted moisturiser (£5-ish from and it keep my v shiny face matt all day smile

netbook Wed 17-Aug-11 23:08:18

I'm a great believer in not over cleansing skin, as it tends to rebel if you try to dry it up and makes a lot worse in my experience.

Excuse if what I say next sounds a bit gushy but I had YEARS of black heads, shininess and generally crap skin which I tried to cover, tame and get rid of. I'm now 41 and my skin is better than it has ever been.
I started using Avene about 4 years ago and it has transformed my skin. it is now smooth and calm, I have hardly any any blocked pores and those that are are flat and small, I don't have to use foundation, just a bit of powder. I often get complements about it.

fartmeistergeneral Thu 18-Aug-11 15:16:34

is that a cleanser?

QuinnFabray Thu 18-Aug-11 17:10:51

Cetaphil to cleanse, it's a really plain gentle cleanser that is recommended by dermatologists.

MAC spf 50 prep and prime ( it has to be the spf one ).

Still have oily skin, but these two things, especially the primer, help to stop my foundation from sliding off my face. I use blotting paper from the spot section in Boots, a couple of times a day too.

I reckon I have about a 20 minute window from getting out the shower to getting my primer and foundation on, before my face totally oils up again.

Foundations I like, that don't slide off when used in conjunction with the primer, are Bourjoir healthy mix, Vichy dermablend ( I use the stick one ), and Diorskin Nude. Most foundations are hopeless. It's a tricky balance, finding one that is suitable for oily skin, but also doesn't accentuate the fine lines and crepyness of aging skin!

FunnyLittleFrog Thu 18-Aug-11 17:21:06

You could try the oil cleansing method. It hasn't made my skin completely oil free but it's a darn sight better than it was when I was using normal cleansers.

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