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Big, boring (and for me, depressing) ask: Sensible, maybe even 'orthopedic' (but not too ugly) winter boots?

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sedgiebaby Wed 17-Aug-11 14:47:58

I have tons of fabulous heeled boots (one of my most favorite things) but post baby I just can't wear them, something strange has happened to my feet, they are bigger, they always hurt (still having physio for SPD and he reckons its relaxin related and may not improve) also I feel unstable in heels carrying baby.

I do not own a pair of flat boots, I also need something supportive I think.

I'm looking at the fitflop boots, but they are quite bulky. Any other suggestions, ideally smart enough for work and I'd prefer a knee high boot. Thanks!

gailforce1 Wed 17-Aug-11 18:35:26

After seeing a recent thread on here about Marks & Spencer's footglove range I went in and tried several pairs.
Very comfy and I could put insoles in as I now have foot problems! Seemed generous sizing as I normally take a 7 and needed a 6.5.
Quite a good range and priced at £89.00. Not bargainous but looked fairly good quality.

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