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Is it just me or ....

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rumbledethump Tue 16-Aug-11 20:32:54

I have two hairdresser/beautician salons near home. I have no real preference but one is much cheaper and you don't need an appointment if you go at a quiet time. Today I headed to the cheaper one - my bugbear with it has always been that for facial waxing or threading there is no privacy. There is now a male hairdresser and there were 2 men standing by their signifiant others watching then have a hair cut/blowdry. I confess that I am approaching 57 so it may be an age thing but I did not go in as I felt uncomfortable having a lip and chin wax in this open environment. Am I weird - or is it an age thing? Recently I saw in the mall in Walton on Thames that there were women having facial threading in tha open area so it may be that there is no desire for privacy and I am just weird. What do you think?

rumbledethump Tue 16-Aug-11 20:38:01

the not tha ---- and I saw another error but can't remember what it .

Karbea Tue 16-Aug-11 21:29:24

I agree it's weird! And having you teeth whitened in the mall...strange.

daimbardiva Wed 17-Aug-11 09:55:39

Not weird - I wouldn't feel comfortable with this either

sparkle1977 Wed 17-Aug-11 11:59:57

Not wierd at all. I think an eyebrow wax I'd just about stand in an open environment but lip and chin I'd feel are a bit too personal. Whatever next, bikini waxes on full display ??!

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