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Recommendations for girls knickers

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goingbacktowork Tue 16-Aug-11 14:43:29

I used to kit out my kids in Asda knickers - so cheap can chuck them out quickly. You always have to buy bigger then you need and in the slightly bigger sizes they seem to be cut quite tightly in depth such that my daughters seem to need to be rearranging them a lot and pulling them down underneath. This obviously is not a great look.

Please can anyone recommend some other knickers, My s in law swears by her kids Boden ones but after having sat down when I saw the price for kids knickers I have now been told that my daughter does not like the patterns so no need to get them. Please can anyone suggest where I can get some better then ultra cheap quality knickers (ideally with princesses or a nice pattern or similar)? Many thanks.

partyhats Tue 16-Aug-11 15:50:40

John Lewis ones are good, they last well and not as overpriced as Boden
jl pants.

miche8 Tue 16-Aug-11 17:04:43

I was going to suggest boden, i have boys and the boxers wash very well and have been passed down to the youngest, have you thought about ebay? you might be able to get new boden pants in an old seasons pattern. Have you tried gap, i was looking at the boys ones the other day the quality felt similar to bodens.

I've tried asda pants for myself and agree not cut very well. Will check out john lewis.

Millie1 Tue 16-Aug-11 17:05:19

My girls are potty training just now and wearing Next and Marks character knickers. Don't like them as the hussars are too narrow. I do have, however, some lovely Gap knickers in their drawer, for when they're a bit more dependable! They are lovely - nice patterns, bit pricey but not as expensive as Boden and usually well reduced in the sale and the hussars cover their 'bits'!!

apple99 Tue 16-Aug-11 17:11:01

Dd has mostly Gap knickers, they wash and wear very well. Dd seems comfortable in them and they have good bottom coverage so no rearranging.

moragbellingham Tue 16-Aug-11 17:56:37

John Lewis are slightly better for coverage but my DD also likes h&M boxer shorts and also shorts from Vertbaudet. They are much better for the cross-legged on the carpet occasions.

Millie1 Tue 16-Aug-11 18:07:01

Flip, autocorrect! 'Hussars' is clearly how Apple interprets 'gussets'!!

goingbacktowork Tue 16-Aug-11 21:33:04

I was just about to ask what "hussars" was? Totally brilliant!
It certainly looks worth checking out Gap. And maybe John lewis.
Do the John Lewis ones also come up a bit skimpy then?

moragbellingham Tue 16-Aug-11 21:41:11

I shall ask DD to model tomorrowsmile, but I think more cheek coverage from JL than most.
Best normal shape knickers that DD has are from the Disney shop and have the usual princesses and glitter on but the fit is good.

goingbacktowork Tue 16-Aug-11 21:50:34

Someone else just sugested Disney shop - will have to check them out too! Would be grateful if you did reprt back on JL ones - the things we go through ay? smile

AlfalfaMum Sat 20-Aug-11 01:26:15

Mother of 3 girls here says Petit Bateau knickers are the best (also like Boden and Gap, but PB's come out top); fairly widely available in French supermarkets if you know anyone there or going.

vjg13 Sat 20-Aug-11 08:33:37

Gymboree knickers are excellent. They ship to the uk and always have loads of sales on the website so if you're getting clothes it can make the postage worth it.

iskra Sat 20-Aug-11 08:37:00

The H & M boxer ish ones for girls are good.

moragbellingham Sat 20-Aug-11 11:17:12

DD just showed me her pants in the interests of consumer researchsmile.

JL - Good gusset coverage but slightly less cheek coverage than Disney ones. They do wash well though and no transfers to fall off.

blondassassin Sat 20-Aug-11 11:56:25

My DD loves her M&S shorts style ones the best. I bought a pack of 5 which are pink, grey, turquoise, purple and white striped with different colour buttons. Very cute and she loves them. Not expensive either. The gap hipster shorts style are also good. My DD didn't get on so well with their normal knicker style IYKWIM.

blondassassin Sat 20-Aug-11 11:58:56

M&S knickers here

littleducks Sat 20-Aug-11 12:14:06

I just got MIl to bring dd some knickers back from France as I was so fed up of the stuff on offer here, and there are so frequently threads on here complaining I dont understand why retailers dont catch on.

I second (third?) H&M boxers, GAP till age 4 or so when the lovely cotton pants change to skimpy see through things, and oddly enough we got some boxer style ones from LIDL which have been great to.

When dd was potty training we just bought M&S boys briefs with more unisex characters on like ITNG which was cheaper. I have bought their girls short styles but they all shrunk/went funny shapes within a few months whereas the briefs have been passed down to ds and still look like new after he was trained in them too, so far more washes.

VerityBrulee Sat 20-Aug-11 12:19:12

DD will only wear Cath Kidston knickers.

moragbellingham Sat 20-Aug-11 16:06:53

Yes, we found M&S boxers/shorts for girls just went all flappy and were llike normal knickers with no elastic round the bum cheeks.

these are great but I would get 2 years larger than actual DD age.

LordOfTheFlies Sat 20-Aug-11 18:29:19

DD likes M&S santoni pants ( they are on special price at the moment). Very stretchy and comfortable.

And the girl boxers.

She's 9 yo and 145cm. Slim build.
We go for 9-10 and they fit well.

pamplemousserose Sat 20-Aug-11 19:46:26

M & s shorts. We always size down.

bran Sat 20-Aug-11 19:54:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emo76 Sat 20-Aug-11 20:02:25

bran I haven't come across DPaM - looks lovely - how does the sizing come up?

votes here from DD1 for GAP (thought they have ridiculously large labels in them these days) and Petit Bateau (but not cheap).

MayDayChild Sat 20-Aug-11 20:09:05

I swear by Mothercare knickers (the only thing I buy in this godforsaken shop) but my DD is opposite and has skinny legs so I need small leg holes. Plenty of bum coverage though. Everywhere else gives our household gusset issues. She will only wear dresses. Sigh.

bran Sat 20-Aug-11 20:10:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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