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Another question for Tattydevine!

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virgiltracey Mon 15-Aug-11 20:55:20

I think we need a tatty topic grin

I have brown hair which can be reddish in the sun (although I've not had my natural hair colour for years). Having been brunette for years I have recently tried to copy Cheryl Cole's new look and it just doesn't suit me. My skin is too yellow and as well as the fact that I can't stand the root growth, my hair is now in appalling condition due to the bleach used at the hairdresssers and I'm worried about further breakage if I stick with the blonde.

I do however like the fact that I have different colours in my hair. My hair is long thick and straight and it can look a bit witch like when it is dark. If I put a mid brown colour over it will the different tones from the highlights stay or will I end up with a block colour?

Thank you!!!!

TattyDevine Mon 15-Aug-11 21:34:41

Right, you need to be careful putting "mid brown" over bleach highlights, you can go a bit green.

I hear ya about the multi tones, though, that is lovely isn't it, does make a difference.

If your natural hair colour can be "reddish in the sun" then you have natural warm tones and I think you should strand test a colour called Clairol Nice n Easy Natural Medium Golden Brown (117d I think). This does not have enough ash in it to turn you green, but is warm in a gold kind of way, not a red kind of way, so you shouldn't go ginger. Look at my profile pics, you will see it with captions explaining it. I did it over blonde highlights myself just this year. I "filled in" with Rimini Lighest Brown (Loreal) first but I may not have needed to do that step. Only a strand test will ensure you don't go too "warm" if you do it over blonde though.

To do a strand test, snip a small segment of hair (really small, about 10 strands) from an under-layer of hair (try and choose your lightest colour though for your strand test) - it doesn't even need to be a long strand, secure it with a sticky label (or sticky tape but a label is better for some reason!). Mix a teaspoon of the developer and a teaspoon of the colour from the box of dye together in a ceramic bowl. Use a plastic spoon if you can. Place the strand test over some kitchen foil, paint the dye over it using a (washed) foundation brush (or similar) and fold the foil up like a little packet, leave for development time (about half an hour, read the instructions). Put it in a warm place (airing cupboard, under your laptop, or down ya bra!)

Wash it off after development time, dry it, and observe it in daylight and preferably strong sunlight before you decide to colour your hair that colour.

Hope that helps x

TattyDevine Mon 15-Aug-11 21:36:04

If you think that colour might be wrong let me know why and in what way and I'll suggest something else.

virgiltracey Wed 17-Aug-11 20:21:10

thank you so much. I will strand test and report back!!

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