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Please help me accesorise a black dress for a wedding. Eeek!

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BunMyOven Mon 15-Aug-11 09:48:34

Hi all. I so don't belong here, am a S&B spanner.

Have 2 weddings to go to next month, will be 4 months pregnant and really struggled to find a dress. The one I found that not only made me look pregnant instead of fat but I can actually wear again throughout the pregnancy was a black maxi dress. I know, I know(!) some of you hate maxis but it really is very flattering and I feel good in it so I bought it.
It's not on their website but is a bit like this though slightly less 'booby'.

Now I'm wondering what the hell to wear with it!

I hate heels. Have got a lovely pair of gold gladiator sandals that (I think) look nice with it.
Could do with a pashmina as my upper arms are crap, nice hair clip maybe (have long, dark, curly hair), necklace . . . oh I don't know! I really can't just wear jeans and converse can I? <sob>

Namechangeoshame Mon 15-Aug-11 09:59:31

Aww, poor love. Gold Glads and a gold shrug/wrap/cardy if you can find it will be fine, and get a good hairdo, which will do wonders for your confidence - everybody will be cooing over your bump so normal clothes rules are suspended (although perhaps not enough to permit jeans and converse).

BunMyOven Mon 15-Aug-11 10:24:43

Ah thank you Namechange - just what I needed to hear/read. Think I've built it up in my mind a bit, as always, I always overdress to weddings etc! Perspective is underrated! grin

petitdonkey Mon 15-Aug-11 10:30:38

I agree with namechange about hair - can you afford to have a blow-dry? Do you have time? I always feel so lovely when my hair is done. Would you feel that shop,jewelshoptrendstatement this is too much? You could just wear a gold cuff instead.
Gold glads are perfect and maybe a gold or animal print scarf.

I think that a plain dress with groomed hair and make-up will always look better than someone who has tried super hard on outfit but not polished it all IYSWIM.

BunMyOven Mon 15-Aug-11 10:46:18

www yes Petit love that necklace, never would have picked it out myself but it's great - definate statement piece <uses term I've heard Gok Wan say a lot in vain attempt to fit in>

Re: hair - the first wedding (family wedding, only going to the ceremony for the second) is in a tiny little welsh village where we'll be staying, not sure if I could get to a hair dressers, will look into it as that would be lovely.

Thanks very much smile

petitdonkey Mon 15-Aug-11 22:17:37

You'll look great - try a Babyliss Big Hair if you can't get a blow dry. It won't cost you much more than going to a salon and if you have time to practice, it will help you to do your hair really nicely.

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