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JaneBennet Mon 15-Aug-11 07:47:53

My friend bought some £50 Proskins leggings and swears black and blue that they have helped her cellulite and made her legs look better.

Anyone else have any reviews of them? I'm thinking of investing...

benbenandme Mon 15-Aug-11 09:03:58

I've been thinking about this too for a while, theres a thing in the daily mail today about them, I decided to go for it and have just bought some from tescos online, theres a £10 off code on there, so £40 instead of £50 and free delivery to store smile

JaneBennet Mon 15-Aug-11 09:57:43

I can only see the capri length and the cycle shorts on the tesco site, did you get the long ones?

fustyarse Mon 15-Aug-11 10:22:08

I have literally just ordered a pair of the capri ones from Next online, £45, am about to embark on a serious get fit regime so thought I'd treat myself to some proper gear.

Will update on them once I've tried them out....seem to have decent reviews so I'm hopeful!

benbenandme Mon 15-Aug-11 11:19:34

How wierd! I did buy the full length ones, only a bit before I posted earlier, but they have now disappeared from their site?? Will let you know what happens tomorrow when they're supposed to be delivered to store ...

JaneBennet Mon 15-Aug-11 14:24:53

Have just found a £5 off voucher Next sent me ages ago so will have to order from there instead.

snailsontour Fri 19-Aug-11 10:15:06

does anyone know how these come up size wise? Do you need to order your normal size or go down one?

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