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Lulu Guinness Bags

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LordOfTheFlies Sun 14-Aug-11 01:01:35

Are they worth the money?
Or a bit Emperors New Clothes?

They are on QVC at the moment and shock at the price.

But like Butlers and Wilson and Dennis Basso, the presenter is fawning/drooling over them.
Yes I know they are paid to present them but in the break are they saying "These are cack, I'm not paid enough for this!"

darby Sun 14-Aug-11 01:17:27

Hi i have bought a lulu guiness handbag in the past, and eventhough her handbags are unique and the quality is good, i dont think her bags are worth that price. I think her bags are overpriced for what they are.
I wouldn't buy anymore from her range.

TwoIfBySea Sun 14-Aug-11 01:18:21

I haven't got the money but they are lovely. The way I see it is -

Do you love it?
Can you afford it?
Is it something you'll get lots of use from?

You could always try making your own bags. There are similar styles online that aren't too difficult to run up on the machine & you could choose your own fabric.

Loving the red Franka bag.

sigh maybe in my next life!

gregssausageroll Sun 14-Aug-11 08:47:46

Yes, they are. They are beautifully made but I tend to stick to the leather ones and I am not a patent fan. I am considering a large anna next. I am not keen on today's TSV though.

There is a campaign underway to get Basso banned from QVC. Do you know what he is all about?

jesuswhatnext Sun 14-Aug-11 12:15:52

i have a lovely kind of reddy/pink supersoft patent clutch one, its wonderful quality, finished beautifully and PLAIN!!!! (£200) i simply loathe the ones with cutsie pictures on them!! - i also have a LG evening bag (about £120 i think), black satin, almost 1920s looking, used it loads over the years, looks timeless - i do buy in store though so i know im happy with the quality

as for those bags i saw yesterday with the lions head on them!!! shock what a classless piece of shit!

LordOfTheFlies Tue 16-Aug-11 00:27:28

Just quickly Googles Dennis Basso Gregssausageroll.
It's got something about real fur.

But he makes no secret of the fact he trained as a furrier.
Maybe he's introduced fur to QVC.?

I haven't heard anything but I don't watch his shows TBH.

worldgonecrazy Tue 16-Aug-11 08:22:07

Dennis Basso still makes fur coats which he sells in his boutiques in America. There isn't such a huge outlet for fur in the UK so we have to make do with the fake fur designs he creates.

gregssausageroll Tue 16-Aug-11 08:34:32

There have also been allegations of him not doing things humanely.

Do you make do with fake fur then world or would you prefer real fur?

I won't support anyone who still respresents such barbaric fashion.

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