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Where can I get Essie nail polish in the UK?

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MilkNoSugarPlease Sat 13-Aug-11 21:23:53

Have ridiculously fallen in love with this shade that a friend has (Brought over from America-gah!)

Apparently you can't get it over here (Have googled but all American sites come up)

Alternatively does anyone know of an identical colour from a different brand?!


cakeoholic Sat 13-Aug-11 21:52:17


AmaraDresden Sat 13-Aug-11 21:55:13

I can't see what shade is, but definitely ebay!

TimeForCake Sat 13-Aug-11 21:56:04

Nails Inc do a similar shade called Haymarket. Might be worth a look.

Gastonladybird Sat 13-Aug-11 21:56:27

Nails by mail?

TimeForCake Sat 13-Aug-11 22:11:20

Or, Leighton Denny "Inside Scoop"?

CHOOGIRL Sat 13-Aug-11 22:16:11

Heidi Klein and Amazon stock Essie.

Housewife2010 Sat 13-Aug-11 22:50:49

polyhymnia Sat 13-Aug-11 23:15:06

I'm a fan of Essie polishes, which I often buy from

who specialise in them. Have found them quick and efficient.

applecrumbleandcream Sat 13-Aug-11 23:19:48

John Lewis do them, but can't see that shade.

polyhymnia Sat 13-Aug-11 23:28:16

NailsbyMail out of that colour but Asos have it :

go into Essie Holiday Collection on far right, then 'more colours'. There's a drop-down of 4 colours to choose from, which include Turquoise and Caicos.

Good luck.

MilkNoSugarPlease Sat 13-Aug-11 23:59:10

Thank you!!

have found it on Amazon but website is playing up so will use another link!

I hate ESSIE brushes-they're shite! and tbh the polish is a bit runny....but I love the colour so much I'm willing to forgive it for that grin

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