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Hooow much for a haircut?

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lizardqueenie Sat 13-Aug-11 13:18:07

Just back from the hairdressers, had hair trimmed & coloured all over. Nice to sit, drink a cup of coffee whilst its still hot and read trash mags. But the bill came to £115!!!

I know that I am prob being a bit tight, having just reached the nil pay point of my maternity leave and the hairdresser was a lovely lady, just the right amount of chit chat and left me to read too but I really really can't afford this every 6-8 weeks. Have a lot of curly long hair so I appreciate its not exactly a short back and sides but does anyone have any tips for getting a cheaper trim somewhere thats not too pricey but will be able to deal with my mane?

ta smile

TattyDevine Sat 13-Aug-11 13:23:46

It was the colour that cost you, no doubt.

The cut and blow dry element of it was probably around £30 up to about £45 depending what area you are in and what type of salon it was and the experience of the hairdresser

TattyDevine Sat 13-Aug-11 13:24:52

That said, for £115 I could have cut and blowdry, full head of colour with some foils as well to break it up. That's the "full monty" really.

TattyDevine Sat 13-Aug-11 13:25:14

Plus, if you went back for more colour they'd only do your roots which is less, because its less product and less time.

mrsnesbit Sat 13-Aug-11 13:26:08

mine is £15 cut & colour, i would look like a cave woman if i had to spend that much, i couldnt justify it, nor afford it, thats 2 weeks food shopping for my entire family!!!!!

sympathies, but did you not check the prices before you went into the salon??

TattyDevine Sat 13-Aug-11 13:29:24

Where the effing jeff charges £15 for a cut and colour? You can't get a cleaner for much less than that pro rata hourly rate, never mind the products they use to do your hair with, water, electricity, salon overheads...the mind boggles how they make any money at all!

mrsnesbit Sat 13-Aug-11 13:34:35

my pal smile we have been friends for 15 years, i nip to hers for a coffee and a "do".
I know that she does not charge anywhere near the ops bill.
She is a mobile hairdresser.

TattyDevine Sat 13-Aug-11 13:35:54

Oh, well not really a fair comparison then!

I was going to say, even a mobile hairdresser, by the time they'd driven to your house (petrol) and spent an hour or more of their time, £15 would not be worth their while.

hayleysd Sat 13-Aug-11 13:37:51

I have a mobile hairdresser and it just cost me £40 for highlights, colour in-between, cut blowdry and finish I priced up a local salon and it was going to be £80 ish

TheLadyHare Sat 13-Aug-11 13:38:15

My lovely hairdresser closed her doors today leaving me up shit creek in need of a new person. I'm heartbroken, she was the best hairdresser I've ever had and because she was out in the sticks only charged £66 for cut and colour. I'm resigned to the fact will have to head back to the city and be charged £100+ every four weeks. I don't have foils or anything, just regrowth tint to cover my almost 100% prematurely grey sprinkling of white hairs.

I went to a few yesterday for consults, and the cheapest was £99.50.

<pricks up ears at £15 cut and colour and spits with envy>

TattyDevine Sat 13-Aug-11 13:43:29

Pity you need foils LadyHare because you really could learn to do the colour yourself by finding out what she used if it weren't for that, leaving you to just find a cutter.


PlumSykes Sat 13-Aug-11 13:47:22

I used to pay £115, now do my own colour for a tenner, and just a cut costs me £50, every 4 weeks. However, have now developed a manicure habit that costs me £25 a fortnight, so am no better off.

MissBeehiving Sat 13-Aug-11 13:47:46

My fab hairdresser went mobile and charges £40 for a cut and blowdry and foils.

MissBeehiving Sat 13-Aug-11 13:48:43

lol @ "manicure habit"

lizardqueenie Sat 13-Aug-11 13:53:39


Yeah I did kind of check but didn't add it all up until i got to the till. I just wondered what everyone else does as it is quite a lot of money. Money well spent on this occasion as i am sitting here trying to resist touching my lovely smooth mane, but like mrsnesbit says, I can only think about how much food shopping/ bills that would pay for. I remember now why I started colouring it myself at home, though felt I had to stop when I was flicking the colour all over the bathroom. Even managed to get a streak of dye down the radiator once! confused

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