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What are those nice leather across the body bags with stripey canvas straps called?

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spikemomma Fri 12-Aug-11 22:57:09

Not mulberry ones, they have a striped strap and a leather messenger type bag attached. Anyone know what I'm on about?

FaffTastic Sat 13-Aug-11 05:32:17

Have only really seen the mulberry bags tbh with the stripey canvas straps. Think there is one called the Anthony and one called the Tilly. Have never seen any copies unfortunately.

shelley72 Sat 13-Aug-11 06:03:43

this type of peony and moore bag???

<lusts after lucia bag again>

FriskyBivalves Sat 13-Aug-11 07:29:07


strictlysauvignon Sat 13-Aug-11 07:47:24 This is a good cross the body bag - - not a stripey strap but a lovely deep brown one - a bit different and in the same lovely soft leather as the Lucia - I have one!!

slp123 Sat 13-Aug-11 07:58:40

Ohhh nice! smile

strictlysauvignon Sat 13-Aug-11 08:46:05

I have to say - it is! grin

strictlysauvignon Sat 13-Aug-11 10:25:37

Anya Hindmarch do stripey blue/ brown canvas straps - bit expensive but depends on your budget -

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