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Is tjere such a thing as a nice rucksack?

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FourThousandHoles Fri 12-Aug-11 20:44:33

Having just read the airport thread, it seems to me that I need a rucksack for hand luggage on a flight so I have free hands for toddler wrangling, is there such a thing as a nice one?

Don't want a bog standard sporty type one, already have a day trek type one.
Also no to leather

Does the above cover all rucksack possibilities?

Any ideas?

Soups Fri 12-Aug-11 21:44:55

All the fashion ones I've seen look a bit pointless to me, with thin straps that don't offer the right support + too small. A large bag with a long strap, so you can put x-body, looks more practical. I say this as an owner of several hiking backpacks. I keep looking out for a nice non sporty one for day trips with the kids, then go sod it and take a hiking day pack, if there's lots of walking involved. Otherwise, just a very large handbag.

Thecatsmum Sat 13-Aug-11 08:25:40

Kipling, I use my Firefly day in and out when I'm biking to work, the rain never soaks through (and this week it ihas been sorely rain tested), it's a decent size and the colours are really good.

miche8 Sat 13-Aug-11 09:25:58

i agree the leather fashion ones don't have padded straps, i ended up getting a black eastpac rucksack it was very comfy carrying through the airports whilst juggling baby, toddler and pushchair. I've already used it quite a bit and it still looks new so i think it will wear well. I used to use big across the body bags, have a few kiplings but found they made me wider and i would knock into things, the straps aren't padded used to give me neck ache and if i lent forward the bag would swing down knocking my child on the head, or if i was carrying baby or toddler their legs would get caught up.

mckenzie Sat 13-Aug-11 09:58:55

Fat Face maybe - I like to think that mine is a cross between functional, funky and fab smile

AmuseYourBouche Sat 13-Aug-11 10:01:13

This is so strange....I had a dream about being given a really trendy designer rucksack last night.



DoubleDegreeStudent Sat 13-Aug-11 15:52:54

I'm a huge eastpak fan. They aren't necessarily the most stylish but they hold loads, have proper straps and come guaranteed for 30 years which is reassuring. John Lewis sell the basic ones, as do loads of places, but I think this looks quite 'different' (haven't seen it in the flesh though. these are the standard ones.

disclaimer: I do not work for Eastpak. A friend and I developed a thing for them when we were younger and now whenever I see one I think of her.

homeaway Sat 13-Aug-11 16:20:34

I second Eastpack, I have had mine for years and it held all sorts of baby things. It still looks great and has been washed a good few times. The outside pocket is great for wetwipes and tissues that you normally need in a hurry.

FourThousandHoles Mon 15-Aug-11 11:00:20

Hi all, thanks for your replies. WIll have a look at some of the links smile

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