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Shoes I can walk in

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Lexilicious Fri 12-Aug-11 19:56:37

any tips ?

I have 'walking to work shoes' and I have 'at work shoes'. Never the twain shall meet.

where is good for shoes that look stylish and maybe have a bit of a heel but don't cripple me after half a mile?

please no ecco or camper, I can't carry them off I just look frumpy

gilbert26 Fri 12-Aug-11 20:48:01

I always like Hush Puppies - they do some really nice 'work'/smart shoes with a bit of a heel that look great (not frumpy at all and sometimes come in cool colours like purple which is my favourite). Got lots of comments on the last pair I bought (not sold now which is a shame) which were a purple suede/patent affair with a medium height heel which were very easy to walk in and looked good with skirts or trousers. Also wore them til I was 38 weeks pregnant, so they must have been good. Could have cried the day they gave up the ghost sad

franticallyjugglinglife Fri 12-Aug-11 21:06:30

Shhh... But m and s are pretty good, and not expensive either. I bought these in purple recently, and they're fab!

Lexilicious Fri 12-Aug-11 21:12:58

Thank you thank you... the other thing to say is that as I walk galumph like an actual elephant, I either need titanium-reinforced or soft soles - otherwise I will be forever having them re-heeled. So probably the hush puppies are on the right track, I remember having them a lot when I was at secondary school, and I walked a mile or so each way then.

My winter walking shoes are brown Josef Seibel which make me look like a provincial German art teacher, and my summer ones are navy blue Vans which make me look like a slightly tragic mummy who no longer skateboards.

I never did skateboard though.

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