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S and B query on behalf of a 3-day old boy...

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Helzapoppin Fri 12-Aug-11 16:28:00

Hello. Our baby boy was born three days ago. It was a bit of a shock, I'd assumed we were having another girl and would use the lovely girl's baby clothes we had in the attic. LUckily he is extremely lovely so is forgiven!
Following an emergency trip to Sainsbury's the poor child is already adorned with sleepsuits featuring a range of diggers and tractors (and traffic lights ?!). They are horrible sad. He looks better in his sister's clothes but this can't go on forever!
Where can I find reasonably priced, traditional boy's clothes that are not covered in monsters or construction equipment (was thinking more ducks and maybe the odd dinosaur or piece of fruit, or nothing at all!)?

Debenhams have some nice stuff, or they did when DS1 was little (3 years ago). Junior J, Babble Boom and Blue Zoo are some of the brands they stock.


Erm..... nice boys clothes are not easy to find unless you are prepared to spend a fair bit. I dress DS1 in Boden and John Lewis largely, especially now because I know that DS2 will also get some wear from them.

MrsMeow Fri 12-Aug-11 17:30:25

H&M does lovely baby boy stuff smile it does it's fair share of monsters but also has some gorgeous more traditional stuff. I'm almost tempted to have another one!

Congratulations smile

Sausagesarenottheonlyfruit Fri 12-Aug-11 17:41:05

Marks and Spencer have a nice selection of boys & neutral clothes in the Petit Bebe range. Agree about H&M, also Gap have some beautiful things in at the moment, I think it's a forest theme? Little foxes and such.

Northumberlandlass Fri 12-Aug-11 17:41:22

Yep, another vote for H&M..I loved DS in stripes. Gap has some great baby boy stuff too.

Congratulations ! smile

Sausagesarenottheonlyfruit Fri 12-Aug-11 17:57:50

I do like this range

gregssausageroll Fri 12-Aug-11 18:00:58

ASDA have plain coloured sleepsuits as do next - I particularly liked next ones because most of them have built in scratch mits.,

gregssausageroll Fri 12-Aug-11 18:01:13

Congratulations BTW!

Sirzy Fri 12-Aug-11 18:02:59

Congratulations! I think it's just a case of shopping around as most places have a mix of bits. I love blue zoo stuff and asda often have nice things. Next are good for sleepsuits to.

deemented Fri 12-Aug-11 18:09:01

If you don't mind waiting a week or two, Zoe at Rainbow Daze does absolutely stunning, unique babywear. I highly reccomend her, she's great to work with and her customer service is excellent!

SamsGoldilocks Fri 12-Aug-11 18:10:25

Pumpkin Patch also has some brighter and less dingy looking stuff - not too much beige and browns, maybe this

some of these from No Added Sugar

or some of these are very cute

wahwahwah Fri 12-Aug-11 18:11:37

Petit Bateau do lovely stuff. I managed to avoid all the monsters, trucks and army themes with DH from the high street. Gap were good.

Folky Fri 12-Aug-11 18:11:44

Can you dye the nicer girls stuff? ok the piping might stay pink but it will be fine - even if it has fairies on etc. i'm not one for stereotyping anyway grin - pale blue dylon and a bag of salt and you'll be amazed at what you can come up with....

PlumSykes Fri 12-Aug-11 18:15:58

I loathe slogans/motifs. I shop for DS at John Lewis, Gap, Jojomamanbebe, Boden and H&M, where I can always find a riot of stripes and stars, but very few tractors.

Cattleprod Fri 12-Aug-11 18:16:55

I agree with Folky - buy a couple of packs of dylon. There are some gorgeous bright blues, purples and greens. Anything of your DDs that isn't frilly or obviously girly can be dyed into a more suitable colour.

Then go on ebay - they have thousands of different iron-on and sew-on motifs which will make the outfits look more interesting, and cover up any stray fairies etc.

PinotsKittens Fri 12-Aug-11 18:23:25

OP Congrats! Boys are wonderful - their clothes are NOT. Welcome to the world of sons smile

Folky Fri 12-Aug-11 18:25:35

Yes you will have many years ahead of avoiding skulls, surfboards and combats....grin

evenlessnarkypuffin Fri 12-Aug-11 18:27:39

These aren't reasonably priced but I love them.

Folky Fri 12-Aug-11 18:28:06

Not that i have anything against a well placed skull and surfboarding is, i'm sure a marvellous pastime. But you do get a bit sick of them after a while....

evenlessnarkypuffin Fri 12-Aug-11 18:29:37

If you don't like the patterns here

ConfessionsOfAnAchingFanjo Fri 12-Aug-11 18:31:31

Amoung the crap Mothercare (oh stop yelling at me) do have some nice animal print stuff. I found this very helpful as I didn't know what I was having before DD was born.

Boys are lovely and great fun to shop for (once you figure out where to find clothes you like). Oh actually I've bought some really nice things for DS from Boots over the last couple of years.

SamBS Fri 12-Aug-11 18:34:35

Finding nice boys clothes is tricky. Our son was dressed in plain white for first few months :-)
But I did find some nice boy boys clothes from JoJoMamaBebe, M&S, John Lewis, Mothercare and Next (also Supermarkets sometimes have nice sleepsuits).
Wait until you start buying toddler clothes, boys get a single rail to choose from compared to half the shop for girls. I refuse to purchase any top that labels my son as 'little monster', 'trouble' or any similar negative attribute so the choice is even smaller!
At the moment (well last 2 years!) he is obsessed by Fireman Sam, at least he is a 'good role model'.

Bonsoir Fri 12-Aug-11 18:35:18


virgo1979 Fri 12-Aug-11 18:36:37

H&M, Gap, Sometimes Next and M&S all have my vote. I have a 14 month DS and I have yet to put him in cartoon/character clothing. Love stripes too.

Honeydragon Fri 12-Aug-11 18:37:08

For baby boys I often did really well at TK Maxx, lots of ducks and dinos and lovely blues and aquas smile

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