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special weekend away- any ideas?

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scraggydoodle Fri 12-Aug-11 15:43:08

I'm not sure that this is the best place to be posting but there seem to be lots of ladies of good taste and more 'traffic' than in the holiday section.
We are hoping to go away in a couple of months for a long weekend (prob Fri- Sun/Mon) to celebrate a special anniversary. We are looking for somewhere in Europe- no fixed country although DH has mentioned that he fancies going to Greece as neither of us have been before. I love Italy also. I wondered if anyone has a recommendation of a short haul destination, probably a city break but would consider something quieter too. A stylish (but reasonably priced) hotel would be lovely.
If anyone has any good ideas/ travel co recommnedations, that would be wonderful.
Many thanks.

scraggydoodle Fri 12-Aug-11 19:12:37


Geordieminx Fri 12-Aug-11 19:18:52

Barcelona would be my first choice, without doubt.

Second choice would be South of France. Fly into Nice, stay in Ville Franche Sur Mer, 10 minutes on train from Nice, and 10 minutes to Monaco/Monte Carlo.

Gillybobs Fri 12-Aug-11 19:42:02

Barcelona is great as is Florence , I stayed here its lovely modern, reasonably priced hotel about 10 min walk from centre of Florence. Ryanair fly to Pisa and there is a coach which takes about 50 mins into centre of Florence. Very stylish and romantic, I went end of September and it was lovely and warm too.

gregssausageroll Fri 12-Aug-11 19:47:44

monaco/monte carlo but accommodation just along the coast towards nice.


madhousewife Fri 12-Aug-11 19:57:11

but more importantly - what are you going to wear?

MrsSnow Fri 12-Aug-11 20:10:42

I'd go for Rome, its so beautiful lots too see, shops and lots of lovely places to just soak in the city and sigh.

scraggydoodle Sat 13-Aug-11 14:31:26

Thank you so much for all your ideas. So votes are for Spain/Italy or France over Greece. Will have to d/w DH...

polyhymnia Sat 13-Aug-11 14:42:03

Another top vote for Rome.

Florence is also wonderful though very tourist-filled. Ditto Venice, of course.

Certainly wouldn't go for Athens and if you go for a seaside place in Greece the weather might be a bit iffy in a couple of months' time. Whereas in Italian cities loads to do indoors at all times of year (culture, shops, cafes, etc). I love Rome and other Italian cities in autumn when they are coming to life after the summer break.

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