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HOC question- what season is strawberry blonde?

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glitterkitty Thu 11-Aug-11 14:44:13

I have stared at a million swatches online. And I dont know. Cant afford to be draped at the moment but I'm intrigued!

Am more yellowish than pink toned skin. Do not blush easily. Have blue/breen eyes. Not freckld.

I hate yellow & orange & terracotta (eek). Please do not say Autumn!

glitterkitty Thu 11-Aug-11 15:34:16


TattyDevine Thu 11-Aug-11 15:55:46

You can't tell just by hair colour or even necessarily a combo of hair and skin. There are few "sure thing" key indicators, apart from perhaps a naturally jet black haired person would generally be a winter of some kind. But across any race, skin, eye, and hair combo can be just about any season. Certainly something like strawberry blonde and pink toned etc you couldn't just narrow down from that.

That said, it seems fairly unlikely to me that you would be an autumn. You are more likely to be a spring but you wouldn't necessarily rule out a summer. You are unlikely to be a winter.

You will never really know till you get draped and you will not know your "best" colours within your season unless you get draped but I guess you know that and want to have a fair idea in the meantime.

But I would easily have been mistaken as a winter or autumn or something quite deep due to my fairly dark eyes and fairly dark hair which is actually dyed, if I'd posted photos up people would say autumn or winter, but it seems my eyes are more bright and clear than they are dark or deep per se, and when you delve into my hair history and take into account how naturally pale I am, and how I do actually suit warm colours, it became apparent that I am a Spring.

So really you can muse as much as you like but if you are a bit of an anomolie or a bit a-typical you'll only get it wrong anyway....

TattyDevine Thu 11-Aug-11 16:01:52

Another thing that is relevant apart from the colours or the lightness/darkness and/or warmth/cool is the contrast - are your eyes clear and bright and sparkling, or muted and soft in tone? Within your season this will make a difference to what colours suit as well. This is why I misdiagnosed myself, I mistook bright for dark/deep. But even if I had guessed I was a spring, I wouldn't have known necessarily (because you can't be objective and you sometimes see what you want to see until someone points it out) that my best colours are coral, red, aquamarine, oxford blue, etc - I might have "wanted" to think they were chocolate brown, warm white, etc...same with CakesnRoses on our Spring thread, she's just been "done" and she guessed corrrectly she was a spring because she's more "typical" within the season in terms of colouring but one of her best colours is Terracotta which she hates on the rail and still sort of wants to hate but she tried a dress on and went, oh crap, I really really look good in Terracotta! grin

Yet I am also a spring and don't have Terracotta as one of my absolute best colours - though I think its fairly decent at 75% or 50% if I recall correctly

clam Thu 11-Aug-11 16:06:15

Jewellery is quite often a decider. I love all the modern, clean-cut, silver designs around at the moment, but they look shite on me (a Spring). I can just about get away with it when I have a tan, but during winter months I have to retreat to gold.
So, Spring and Autumn types look better in gold, and Summer and Winter look better with silver. Does that narrow it down a bit?
It's interesting that you say you'd hate to be Autumn. The thing is, if those colours suit you, then you'd look fab in them. 3 of my friends are Autumns, and look fantastic in the sludgy browns, rusts and olives that would look vile on me. Ditto Winters with their ability to look great in black. I look washed out and ill. I have found over the years that I am certainly drawn to the Spring palette in shops. Those colours appeal to me, which is useful!

glitterkitty Thu 11-Aug-11 16:06:37

So complicated! Ok, I'll just have to live in doubt and carry on wearing navy... grin

Thanks for the explanations though!

glitterkitty Thu 11-Aug-11 16:08:22

I always get most compliments in black. Look vile in yellow/orange/rust.

I think gold works better than silver, for def. thanks clam!

<goes back to stare at wardrobe>

TattyDevine Thu 11-Aug-11 16:12:56

I've got an interesting anecdote from my HOC lady. She had a woman who was a Winter, I think, who came to her because her friend had been draped years and years ago and looked so fantastic afterwards with the clothing and her new colours that she decided she should get done. But the HOC lady thought it odd that she left it so many years to get draped.

Anyway this woman arrived on the day wearing purple and looking utterly fabulous. She slunk in apologetically through the door and said "I know, I know, you are going to tell me I'm wearing the wrong colours"

Basically, the friend who got draped years earlier had seen that she had green eyes and said something about her being an Autumn because of it. So she had it in her head that she should be wearing olive green and rust and browns, when in fact she was a winter and didn't suit those colours at all. She believed her friend, and didn't want to be "told" she was an autumn so she avoided being draped for years.

Funny eh?

clam Thu 11-Aug-11 16:18:22

My best friend used to be a HOC lady. She always says you should never guess, and a "proper" draping is necessary. However she took one look at DD (despite her being a child and therefore iffy) and said "if she's not a winter, I'll eat my hat." For fun, she got out her drapes, got as far as the second batch and said, "let's save ourselves some time. She's winter, OK?"
Similarly with my DN, who has deep auburn/titian hair and brown eyes. Out and out Autumn, no question about it.

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