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Strapless bras

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DuchessEm Wed 10-Aug-11 11:24:40

I have been trying to get a couple of strapless bras for a while now without success. I am very flat chested, but need some form of coverage under light coloured clothing. Also I have 2 young DCs and the youngest is always pulling at my top, so wearing a bra keeps my dignity somewhat in tact! I have been measured by a lovely lady at House of Fraser who took me out of my 34AA (which I didn't fill, but was put in by M&S bra fitters many, many times!) and told me I was in fact a 30C. In normal everyday bras this is a perfect fit, but when it comes to strapless styles I can't seem to find any that I fill. I've tried going down a cup size/up a a back size, but I still don't fill the cups. I think is is because of the shape of the cups.

I have tried those stick-on bras, which are OK, but I am going to Spain next week and I think I would be getting a little too hot for them to stick. (I was wearing them whilst out shopping last week on a hot day and one side fell off blush . Luckily it was just as I got back to the car, but could have been embarrassing!!)

Has anyone had any success with strapless bras for smaller busts?


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