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Are GHDs worth the money?

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blowthewindsoutherly Tue 09-Aug-11 19:29:41

Or is there a decent cheaper alternative?

Thehusbandsatcricketagain Tue 09-Aug-11 19:44:46

diosa,a weeny bit cheaper but just as good,tested by myself & other ghd lovers

LouPac Wed 10-Aug-11 13:08:01

GHD all the way!!!!

EvilTwins Wed 10-Aug-11 13:09:14

Yes. Definitely.

JanMorrow Wed 10-Aug-11 13:20:06

Yes, 100%, I love my GHD's and they last for ages.

gettingolderbytheday Wed 10-Aug-11 14:10:07

Yes, definitely worth the extra money

neuroticmumof3 Wed 10-Aug-11 18:34:40

Wish I'd just bought them to start with instead of bothering with slightly cheaper alternatives. They are truly fabulous and worth every penny.

totallylost Wed 10-Aug-11 19:43:45

have recently given in and bought GHDs after trying a range of slightly cheaper alternatives and I have to say they are the best so far.

Rubiesandrainbows Wed 10-Aug-11 19:48:33

they really are. I have had mine for years so cost per use is virtually nothing. I've had friends who bought cheaper ones, but on a night out its my house they come to, to use my GHDs to get the best result.

Sometimes they do an "iron exchange", where you can swap your old straightening irons (literally any old make, I dont think they even have to work) for GHDs and they give you money off the new GHDs. This is how I got mine smile

Liz00 Thu 11-Aug-11 09:24:48

I haven't ever used a pair of straightners that I think are better than my ghds. As long as you remember to use protection spray on your hair (I made that mistake a few years back) they are great and definitely worth the money! And also last longer than cheaper versions too, I've had mine for two years now and they still work totally fine!

sazm Thu 11-Aug-11 11:24:36

i nearly bought ghd's but the lady in sallys reccommended corioliss ones - they were £59 and are as good on my (thick,mind of its own) hair on my hair as ghd's.

McDreamy Thu 11-Aug-11 11:25:12


cookielove Thu 11-Aug-11 11:29:14

I've had mine for ages, i swear from about age 18, but i'm not sure if they were actually around back then but any way they have lasted the test of time and are still going strong. Totally love them grin

Fillybuster Thu 11-Aug-11 11:32:17

I went through a couple of pairs of cheaper ones but gave in and bought myself some GHDs last winter. Absolutely love them grin - others might be as good, but not the ones that I tried....

BelleEnd Thu 11-Aug-11 11:34:26

GHD's aren't great on my hair... I have thick, pubey, curly hair and usually use my old Remington irons instead of the GHDs.

blowthewindsoutherly Thu 11-Aug-11 21:13:59

Bellend (lovely name!) don't suppose you want t flog me your ghds do you?! My hair is very fine but I have loads of it.

BelleEnd Thu 11-Aug-11 22:21:53

Oh thanks for the offer but I can't really- They were a gift from my sis and I have to pretend to use them when she comes over... grin

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