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having hair coloured at salon - can someone help me with what to ask for??

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smallpotato Tue 09-Aug-11 09:57:48

I desperately need a new haircut and a colour - I'm about to start a new job and be a bridesmaid! I'm 32 with shoulder length straight-ish brown hair. Pale colouring with blue eyes.

I never know what to do with the colour - naturally it's a mousey brown, but I'm getting a good few greys through now. I've coloured it myself a few times to a darker brown which I kind of like but it always tends to get a reddish/gingery hue after a while (golden brown a friend very nicely called it) so at the moment it is half 'golden brown' and half mousey brown with a few straggly greys.

I've had it coloured professionally in the past but never know what to ask for...I've had highlights that were just too blonde for me and didn't suit me, 'lowlights' that cost a lot but weren't really noticeable, and a while ago I was convinced to go for a reddish 'slice' in the underneath layer, but that just looked odd when I put my hair up!

I just want it to look nice and quite natural but not bland or boring! Definitely not blonde. Should I just ask for an all over colour??

Northumberlandlass Tue 09-Aug-11 13:03:09

Hey Smallpotato,
I get my hair coloured regularly, I have fair skin, blue eyes and have a 'just above the shoulder' bob.

I always press the point that I don't want it to look my hair is coloured, I get 'honey' / 'toffee' highlights (not brash at all) through my fringe and over the crown / top area of my head. Then the rest gets a richer chesnut brown through.

I don't look like I have dyed hair, but it does look richer (especially if I straighten it) and more depth.

I wouldn't go for an all over colour, but that is my personal choice.

Don't know if this helps at all.....


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