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My first ever thread JEANS

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bringmesunshine2009 Mon 08-Aug-11 21:27:05

Today I bought a pair of jeans. I haven't worn jeans since age 17. I can never find a pair that fit and flatter, particularly after 2 HUGE babies in 2 years. But ladies worry not I have FOUND THEM. The perfect pair. AND in a skinny style that don't make legs look like carrots.

Thanks to me...

They are £12.50 (reduced from £15! I have spent £200 on jeans that I have rarely worn because they looked worse). Skinny style, available in indigo and black, flattering on the rear/legs, available in 3 lengths, high waisted (I never would before, but that post natal tum has been sucked in a treat), have a slight stretch but don't look like bloody jeggings.

From M&S of all places! Get yourselves down there... I am bulk buying.


Got a lovely top because of bargain! With wedges I actually look a) thin and b) tall and am neither!

lovely top

Greenrabbit Mon 08-Aug-11 23:14:26

Thanks, I'm ordering a pair if they suck in the tummy. Bargain!
(that is a very lovely top- also tempting)

GertieGuineaPig Tue 09-Aug-11 07:41:14

Oh thanks Bringme I'll have a look when I'm in town today smile Lovely top, as well!

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