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Mini Boden sizes

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IWillOnlyEatBeans Mon 08-Aug-11 19:23:33


I have not bought from Mini Boden before but think I am going to get DS's winter coat from there. I was just wondering if their sizes come up big or small? He is 18 months now (and tall for his age) so I'm not sure whether to get 18-24 months or age 2-3...

Is there a Boden shop I can go to or is it all online/catalogue only?


moaningminniewhingesagain Mon 08-Aug-11 19:27:15

Usually get free returns - if you do, I would buy both and send one back. I think they are quite generous but I buy big so they last, but a too big coat may be very bulky at that age - I got 2 winters out of DS's coat but he was swimming in it the first winter.

Sandgroper Mon 08-Aug-11 19:38:41


Just a word of warning about the winter coats, I was in their shop on Saturday and they are not as thick as the winter coats (was looking at the puffy coat, not the skiing one, name evades me ATM). The shop assistant told me they are more autumn coats when I questioned they weren't as thick as last year's coats (have bought these for DS's for past two winters and also handed them down). She said they are supposed to be bringing out the winter stock in October! I am not sure whether to get one now for my DS or wait. I might try ringing them to see if they say the same thing and I will hold on.

Size wise they are a bit generous when you buy the younger sizes but that is good as you can generally get two seasons wear out of them Finding the 4-5 yr size has only lasted us for one season, not a problem tho as my DS2 will wear it.

They wash really well and still look brand new!

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