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capsule wardrobe for 10 nights on a greek Island

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ilovetheshops Mon 08-Aug-11 08:29:44

Hi there
what would you pack?
Many thanks

madammecholet Mon 08-Aug-11 08:46:19

I would pack.....

for day:
3 bikini / tankini
2 shorts
3 vest tops
1 beach kaftan/cover up
beach sparkly flip flops
jersey/cotton summer dress x 2 (that you can dress down for beach/up for pm)
panama hat
oversize sunnies
large beach bag (I have a leather colour block tote for beach)

for evening:
2 x capri trousers (in a bright colour or white)
silk t shirt
silk blouse
silk vest
2 x cardigan (to co-ordinate with 3 tops capri/skirts)
maxi skirt (or dress whichever you prefer)
a wide tan belt
leather flip flops/wedges
small leather clutch

ilovetheshops Mon 08-Aug-11 11:17:00

Thank you Madammmecholet,however what about's always the shoes that I take too many!

ilovetheshops Mon 08-Aug-11 11:17:37

sorry just re-read

orangina Mon 08-Aug-11 11:25:08

Just got back from a very hot 2 weeks in the greek islands, and I hardly wore my capri trousers at all..... it was too hot to want something around my waist. Dresses (sleeveless) better. Shifty or floaty, whatever you prefer. Maxi dresses too hot as well.

Re: shoes, beach flip flops, non-beach flip flops, gladiators if they are your thing. Couldn't be bothered with heels/wedges, but we had v low key holiday, just family and no going out to glam bars etc. Travelled in sneakers I think.

corlan Mon 08-Aug-11 11:41:47

It's very hot there at the moment. If you're going now, don't bother with cardigans for the evenings and don't bother with maxi anything. I was sweating like a monkey on heat (classy!), so you'll need something that doesn't show off sweat patches!

Have a great time!

miche8 Mon 08-Aug-11 13:13:51

i went back in june again very hot, didn't need the cardigans and trousers i packed just incase the evenings are chilly.

I took lots of dresses to keep cool, but i had a problem with chaffing thighs, have never had this before, was glad i took a pair of khaki linen shorts which was ok for evening, all very casual where we stayed.

I wouldn't bother with heels or wedges, the pavements/road are terrible, i wish i had taken my fitflops with a thick sole for all the walking into town every night.

Do think about the material of clothes, some of my dresses made me very sweaty. You won't be able to face using a hairdryer and will need very little makeup.

Have a fabulous time, i'm very jealous

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