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What do you wear to travel in?

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Gorran Sun 07-Aug-11 11:48:26

First longhaul flight in quite a while next weekend and I'm all of a dither over what to wear. I know, quite sad really.

I obviously want to be comfortable (8hr flight, so not toooo long in the grand scheme of things) but want to look ok, too. Plus will be leaving not so warm Gatwick and arriving in very hot and humid destination. So needs to cover both bases, will take the obligatory scarf for this end (I don't mean big thick woolly thing) for a bit of warmth and to use on the plane if needed. But, what should I wear?! What do you wear for travelling?

Earlybird Sun 07-Aug-11 14:50:57

For day flights, usually wear comfortable (but nice) jeans/trousers with a fitted t-shirt top and perhaps a lightweight jacket.

For overnight flights, often will wear stretchy yoga trousers. Also, I take along a cardigan and/or pashmina for warmth.

I also tend to wear my heaviest/bulkiest shoes so that they don't 'cost' me in weight/space in my checked baggage.

GraduallyGoingInsane Sun 07-Aug-11 15:07:47

On long haul, I usually opt for something that can 'convert'.

So I'd wear for example - leggings, a long tunic/short dress, a long cardigan, a pashmina and flat sandals/ballet pumps.

On the plane, I'd wear it all, plus a pair of fluffy warm socks. You could even put a long sleeved top underneath the dress if it's very cold. The aeroplanes usually offer blankets too, so you should be fine.

On arrival, I'd remove the cardigan, pashmina and socks, stash them in my carry on bag, and swan off the plane in a dress, leggings (removable if v hot) and sandals/pumps.

Earlybird Sun 07-Aug-11 15:20:23

Yes, good point. Take some socks to wear on the plane if you travel in sandals.

Funk Sun 07-Aug-11 15:29:12

Make sure your trousers aren't tight - really not comfy for long haul when everything seems to expand!

Ephiny Sun 07-Aug-11 15:40:39

I would wear yoga pants or something with a stretchy waist - not very stylish, I know - but I do seem to get a bloated and sore/crampy tummy from flying, and feel a bit more comfortable if I don't have a waistband digging in.

Otherwise it's all about the layers. I tend to be cold on the plane but too hot in the airport, so it's nice to be able to put on/remove things as required.

CMOTdibbler Sun 07-Aug-11 15:48:55

Leggings or a maxi jersey skirt are my best outfits (I travel a lot - at least a longhaul trip every 6 weeks [plus loads of shorthaul) with a stretchy tunic, plus cardi.

I never wear jeans or smart trousers as they dig in, or anything that crumples

Gorran Mon 08-Aug-11 09:49:00

Thanks everyone. I'm currently thinking jersey maxi dress with cardi, scarf and sandals. Will take fluffy socks. If travelling with children, do you all take a change of clothes for yourself, as well as for the DCs? I'm just thinking our hand luggage is going to be mighty full - and heavy!

MrsBloomingTroll Mon 08-Aug-11 13:17:31

If you wear leggings with a tunic top - short-sleeved tunic with long-sleeved t-shirt underneath - you can take off a layer and wear the under-layer on the plane, then swap it for the tunic just before you land. Then you have a clean top and a lighter layer for the hot weather.

Yes, I have done this before - used to travel to hotter climes for work and more recently with small child in tow!

MrsBloomingTroll Mon 08-Aug-11 13:18:23

Have a back up in case the kids dump food or other rubbish/sick up on you!

RunningOutOfIdeas Mon 08-Aug-11 13:19:33

After DD threw up down my top on one flight. I always take a change of clothes for me.

janinlondon Mon 08-Aug-11 13:37:57

I never never wear trousers on long haul. Those bathrooms are non gender-specific, and men are not great at aiming even on the ground. Get them up 35,000 feet in the air and the floors are just ghastly. You really don't want your hemlines in whatever that is down there. Really really.....

Funk Tue 09-Aug-11 05:55:29

Jan - I always roll my trousers up when I have to go. I'm always horrified when I see people walk in their bare feet/socks into the loos on 'planes.

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