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Really stupid question re sun cream and makeup

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I never wear makeup and burn easily.

However I am awaiting an operation and look dreadful at the moment so I'd like to look better for my brother's BBQ today. Boots sold me this which seems to work well with the concealer to make me look more "alive" grin

However can I put my normal SPF30 under this without everything going wrong?? confused

FakePlasticTrees Sun 07-Aug-11 08:30:53

possibly, it depends on both products!!!! If the sun cream is v oily it might make it hard for the concealer to stick and you will find it goes through the day - do you have any pressed powered you can put over the top to try and help it stay where you want it? Also, put the sun cream on and leave it a while to sink in before you do the next stage.

For the future, you can get tinted moisturiser with SPF 20. (Laura Mercier do one)

Thank you Fake

As you can see I am completely crap at this stuff as until now I have always been able to get away with being natural. Now natural is scary after 9 months of meds and pain grin I have no pressed powder I don't think so will try leaving the cream to dry and then see how I get on smile

TattyDevine Sun 07-Aug-11 08:57:50

If you are struggling to combine makeup with SPF I suggest you get some of the MAC SPF50+ primer which will improve the look of your pores and your makeup and also takes care of the SPF factor.

TattyDevine Sun 07-Aug-11 08:58:05

Then on non-makeup days you can wear your normal SPF

TattyDevine Sun 07-Aug-11 08:59:26

This bad boy

Thanks Tatty. That looks just the thing smile Got to say as a non-makeup wearer I find the cost of all of this stuff quite grin but if it makes me look less like a 80 year old at 33 then it's all good grin

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