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How to keep 'trim' down below while heavily pregnant

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BellaBells Sun 07-Aug-11 01:12:28

My DP got a shock when he felt my free growing, tree hugger bush. I normally keep my area nice and trimmed but now I'm 8 months pregnant it is impossible to shave and get a decent outcome, I'm basically hacking away while blind. I hate waxing and doubt I can handle the pain right now so can I nair/veet down below? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

hester Sun 07-Aug-11 01:22:42

Erm, I'm tempted to say: does it matter? Is your dp really shocked?

But ok, I'll try to be helpful. You can get depilatory cream suitable for sensitive areas, but I'd be reluctant to apply it 'blind'. How about getting dp to trim for you?

MrsRhettButler Sun 07-Aug-11 01:27:13

Ahh, I was coming on to suggest waxing, sorry.

I'm 36 weeks and that's my only solution I'm afraid... Unless you have a v. helpful friend/sister?

Casmama Sun 07-Aug-11 01:27:58

I agree, if dp is concerned then let him take over mainenance. Personally my dh knew that he was not fucking welcome in that area by that stage of pg but if it is an issue for you then give him some guidance.

madhattershouse Sun 07-Aug-11 01:40:13

Sorry but I have had 3 pregnancies and you really should just let it grow! DP should be happy that you are pregnant and producing his child. If a neat fanjo means more to him then ask if he would be willign to wax his sack in Then tell him to naff off. Bet you can't even see the area..what you can't see.....forget IME!!

MrsRhettButler Sun 07-Aug-11 02:18:07

Why cant she keep it nice though? I wouldn't want a bush at any other time so why now?

Zwitterion Sun 07-Aug-11 07:18:52

When I was pregnant DH helped me to trim it. It was really short and neat, which made me feel happier. I couldn't face using nair or waxing.

kyacat Sun 07-Aug-11 08:32:00

Get a biggish mirror. Balance it on the toilet tank, have at it with scissors/razor/DH's beard trimmer and be able to see what you're doing. Worked a treat for me both times!

kyacat Sun 07-Aug-11 08:33:40

I found during pregnancy it caused unbearable heat and itchy uncomfortableness if I had a big bush, so I totally understand the need for trimming! Also helps in the post-natal period if you're not too hairy.

gregssausageroll Sun 07-Aug-11 09:05:33

The midwife on the operating table before my section did mine!

cookie9 Sun 07-Aug-11 15:16:43

I am over six months and went for waxing which was fine. Normally go for brazilian but thought I might be more sensitive so just bikini wax. Did say I was pregnant when booking and went for lycon hot water which does hurt less.

apple99 Sun 07-Aug-11 15:36:23

I would NOT recommend using Veet Sensitive down below. I did a few weeks ago with hideous results. I came out in what can only be described as a chemical burn which took nearly a week to right itself, I had to apply sudocrem and couldn't wear kickers for days. I was mortified in case I went into early labour and would have to explain the horror of my nethers to the midwives!!!

Use a mirror propped up on the edge of bath or similar and trim with bikini/beard trimmer if you want to neaten up, that way no nasty surprises when you wake up the next day smile

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Sun 07-Aug-11 15:44:28

Get him to do it?

Or accept that pubic hair is perfectly normal and you are about to have his child so in the grand scheme of things, a bit of hair is really not important.

In a few weeks, you could be cultivating a rainforest down there and you won't give a shit! grin

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 07-Aug-11 15:47:00

It's called 'normal'. I find it very disturbing that a man would be 'shocked' to see a woman's pubic hair. What on earth was he expecting?

If it's awkward to do anything with it, just leave it. You will have far more important things to worry about when your baby arrives.

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