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Best place to buy underwear please!

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knightynight Sat 06-Aug-11 23:34:12

The few times I've been out to look I've been disappointed, have not had much of a chance to look around but neither M&S, La Senza or my local independent shop have anything nice! Most of it is either too frilly or frumpy or in strange colours. I'm obviously not looking in the right places but I'd rather shop in store than online. Any advice would be appreciated...

canyou Sat 06-Aug-11 23:41:27

Bumping for you as I came to start a similar discussion, My DP has given me cash and told me buy something silky and a bit kinky hmm as my normal white/black and nude colour underwear is grannyish angry I am 32sad still Euro 100 is not to bad grin

Thistledew Sat 06-Aug-11 23:46:41

I really like the Elle McPhearson range which Debenhams nearly always stocks. It is a bit more pricy than Debenhams own range but by no means the most expensive. I find it really comfortable and that it gives a really nice shape.

wileycoyote Sun 07-Aug-11 01:11:05


knightynight Sun 07-Aug-11 11:00:42

canyou thanks for bumping. Had a look at Freya and that looks nice, the sort of thing I might buy. I may be heading to Debenhams soon then I think! Could not see Elle McP on their website but maybe John Lewis stock it. However I realise to get a few nice bits means spending quite a lot...but nice new undies in my drawer replacing the faded old stuff will be worth it!

CroissantNeuf Sun 07-Aug-11 11:08:14

I spent ages trying to find some bras recently -all I wanted was something non-frumpy, non-frilly and maybe with a bit of colour but they all seem to have so much padding in and proudly boast that they increase you by 2+sizes etc. What happens if you don't want to be bigger and are happy with what you've got?

Anyway I found Debenhams to be the best as they had quite a selection from different brands. Oh and I stumbled upon a nice one in TKMaxx by accident but wouldn't usually look there as it drives me mad as a shop.

M&S had some in nice colours but they were all ultra-padded, La Senza just seemed to consist of cheap looking, nylon lacy affairs in fluorescent colours hmm

CroissantNeuf Sun 07-Aug-11 11:09:54

oops I forgot to add as well that, for the first time ever, I went into a Triumph shop.

Up until now I've always presumed they were for old lady bras or those who require in-built scaffolding but I was pleasantly surprised! They had some nice patterned and stylish ones.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 07-Aug-11 11:13:11

If you're norky, someone on here recommended Fantasie to me and I recently bought my first bra from them - well, I am now a total convert and will never buy an M&S bra ever again!

For knickers, I just buy the M&S 3 for a tenner pairs in plain black and plain white -the ones with a bit of lace around the bottom of the leg bit.

higgle Sun 07-Aug-11 15:37:16

I really hate all these padded moulded shaped bras that seem to be everywhere at the moment. I like to feel it is just me, nicely supported by some pretty lace,on display - not an over inflated bouncy castle contraption under my jumper. M&S usually have a couple of styles that are ok but when I look on the internet Elle McPherson is the only vaguely affordable make that does the style I like.

myfriendflicka Sun 07-Aug-11 16:09:30 is good,

LuckyMrsT Sun 07-Aug-11 19:31:18

TK Maxx is brilliant and sells amazing expensive stuff for next to nothing, including lots of Elle McP, Princesse Tam Tam, Mimi Holliday etc. Also have you looked in Ann Summers at the Knickerbox stuff? Very pretty and sexy.

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