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Has anyone removed all their pubic hair with hair remover cream (poss TMI but what the hell)

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GetOrfMoiSamsungFridgeFreezer Fri 05-Aug-11 17:20:25

I just got a bit bored, covered my legs in nair and then thought 'what the hell' and slathered it all over me bits.

It's great. HUGELY satisfying to just pull the hair out in clumps.

Looks a bit odd though, have never had a brazillian or anything so is all new to me.

Make me wonder why you would have a brazillian actually when you can just put a bit of cream on, read a trash mag whislt perched on the edge of the bath, and then shower it off.

No pain, and cheap.

GetOrfMoiSamsungFridgeFreezer Fri 05-Aug-11 17:21:03

Btw i did this 4 days ago, and my fadge hasn't dissolved or anything.

5GoMadOnAZ650 Fri 05-Aug-11 17:21:07

I do that, well I do when I can be arsed.

rarebreed Fri 05-Aug-11 17:22:21

Have been tempted before but was worried about dissolving fan, might give it a go.

SilveryMoon Fri 05-Aug-11 17:23:35

OOhhhh, might give it a go. Not to take the whole lot off, but just to tidy up a bit, has got to be less awkward than a razor blush

GetOrfMoiSamsungFridgeFreezer Fri 05-Aug-11 17:24:43

I kind of thought in a vague way that the stuff might sting my nether regions, but it didn't. Is good stuff - I used the sensitive version for what it's worth.

I will do it again I think, before the novelty wears off.

rarebreed Fri 05-Aug-11 17:24:45

Am very pregnant at the mo so difficult to shave as usual smile

GetOrfMoiSamsungFridgeFreezer Fri 05-Aug-11 17:25:34

It is a lot better than a razor, I have never taken the whole lot off before with a razor, but it is so fiddly trimming the sides, and I always cut myself, even when using DP's super duper razor.

LawrieMarlow Fri 05-Aug-11 17:25:50

I did it in a similar type of way last weekend. Have also not dissolved (had done a bit before but never all off).

Was very satisfying pulling clumps out.

izzybizzybuzzybees Fri 05-Aug-11 17:27:02

i did that, by accident tho! and oh my god it stung like mental!!!

eandemum Fri 05-Aug-11 17:27:32

Yr post has answered my post earlier
Have actually bought some stuff and waiting to pluck up the courage!!
It can't be as bad as shaving (have half done this)

Nagoo Fri 05-Aug-11 17:28:31

Shower it off?

Check your plughole, then re-evaluate grin

LawrieMarlow Fri 05-Aug-11 17:29:36

I used toilet roll to swoosh mine off and then threw it away separately. If I had just showered it down the plug hole there probably would now be a very blocked pipe grin

GetOrfMoiSamsungFridgeFreezer Fri 05-Aug-11 17:29:48

yes the bath did look I had massacred a couple of pole cats afterwards grin

Tattyhead78 Fri 05-Aug-11 17:32:23

Yes, all the time! But if you have sensitive skin maybe not advisable.

picnicbasketcase Fri 05-Aug-11 17:32:39

Isn't it only meant to be used round the edges? I'd be too afraid of it getting into painful places. Eeep.

Furball Fri 05-Aug-11 17:33:43

getorf - gotta be quote of the week! -

GetOrfMoiSamsungFridgeFreezer Fri 05-Aug-11 17:34:56

Hmm, I would say I normally have pretty sensitive skin.

Perhaps I have the hide of a rhino down there.

Hmm. Negative mental image.

Bollocks to having it waxed. Someone said to me that you have to splay your butt cheeks in order to have your anal area waxed cleanly. <silent scream>

GetOrfMoiSamsungFridgeFreezer Fri 05-Aug-11 17:35:30

lolol at the IRONY of you being called furball grin

PorkChopSter Fri 05-Aug-11 17:37:43

Splayed butt cheeks? Yum. I pity the poor beautician grin

GetOrfMoiSamsungFridgeFreezer Fri 05-Aug-11 17:40:35

I couldn't do the splaying either. Not with these chalfonts.

evenlessnarkypuffin Fri 05-Aug-11 17:46:27

A few years ago I decided to do that. It seemed fine at first. It only reacted after I'd rinsed it all off. It resulted in much sudocreme and pain. Not a good place to have chemical burns.

GhoulLasher Fri 05-Aug-11 17:47:17

I have done it and it stang like mad....also wasn't complete iyswim.

Looked a bit like I had a receeding minge.

TattyDevine Fri 05-Aug-11 17:47:21

This is how I do a brazillian these days to be honest, post kids (appointments a faff, the less the better, I epilate my legs and underarms and do my own flange, not as often as I should though)

You must use Nair Sensitive, not the regular stuff apparently

I can easily epilate my bikini line but when it comes to the uh y'know <cough> "lips" and perenium and anything round your bumhole, there's no way I'm epilating that, so I Nair it. It just disolves it off. Its slightly tender after, not red to look at, and I once needed to borrow my daughter's Sudocreme which instantly soothed it and it was 100% normal the next day.

Its cheap, its easy, its dignified and it doesn't grow back prickly, can be done at your convenience.

I dont lose the lot, I leave a landing strip, epilate the sides, and Nair the rest. Lasts a while before I think its getting shabby.

Husband likes it because I leave some there so don't look bald or child like but its neat and tidy and smooth and just, well, nice.

TMI but what the hell! grin

TheProvincialLady Fri 05-Aug-11 17:48:53

I did this a few times but the cream wouldn't remove every single scrap of hair, so I ended up with what looked like an old lady who had been through a nuclear winter. Not pretty and I wouldn't do it again.

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