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A report on the Tua Trend (facelift-type machine)

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pasqueflower Wed 03-Aug-11 21:26:20

A couple of people here recommended:

It's aimed at toning and tightening the face and neck. I can't believe I've actually bought something from QVC (which I make fun of), but took the plunge because they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

I got dh to take some clear mugshots of me, saggy bits and all, before I started, and have used the machine religiously for the past fortnight. I turned 50 this year, but look after myself - lots of exercise and eat healthily.

Dh took some "after" pix today, and there is definitely a change for the better. My jowls are tighter, my cheeks seem more lifted and my lips are more pouty. I'll keep on using it and report back in a few more weeks.

I have been on holiday, lost about 4lb in weight and have a bit of a suntan (so my skin looks clearer), so another comparison in a few more weeks when I'm back to the stress of day-to-day life will be a better way to analyse it.

The results so far are enough for me not to send the machine back though.

peasandlove Thu 04-Aug-11 06:00:06

I'm starting to look saggy and jowly and I'm 36 sad Are you going to show us your before and after pics? grin

vigglewiggle Thu 04-Aug-11 06:15:23

come on - show us the pictures!

And if the "after" shows you with a Croyden facelift pony tail and a Victoria Beckham pout I shall be very disappointed. grin

pasqueflower Thu 04-Aug-11 08:07:34

Sorry, I'm not going to "out" my ID on a public forum - you might know me!

The improvement is very subtle, but enough for me to decide I'm not going to send the gadget back... dh and teenage dd think it's making a difference too.

Will update in a few more weeks time though, and if you're that interested I could email you some pix.

TracyK Thu 04-Aug-11 09:36:50

What is the daily routine with it pasque and how long does it take you to do it? I get caci every 4 weeks and it defo works.

sidsmissis Thu 04-Aug-11 12:52:52

Hi Pasqueflower, I was one of the people who recommended it on your earlier thread. It sounds like you have had the same results as I had in the first couple of weeks. I'm glad you took photo's (I Didn't) and can see an improvement, it will spur you on to keep using it smile

Over the next few weeks it will build on the results that you have already seen, but always in a subtle way. After about three months I started to use it as maintenance, just a couple of times per week or if I have a special 'do' I sometimes use it for three days on the trot to make sure I look my best.

I was wondering only earlier this week how you were getting on with it so thanks for reporting back.

pasqueflower Thu 04-Aug-11 18:41:42

Many thanks for the recommendation sidsmissis. It has an almost instant tightening effect after I use it - so, like you, I will plan do the routine if I'm due to go somewhere special. Good to know I can hope to see further improvements.

TracyK - I bought the one with two wands which means I can do both sides of my face at once and it takes about 20 minutes total each time. They recommend 5-7 days a week for the intial phase, then 3 x a week for maintenance.

I do it while I'm watching tv. As far as I can tell, it's the same sort of thing as a caci facial, but without the hassle and expense of having to go to a salon several times a week in the initial phase.

I'd been weighing up the options and even thinking about botox when I saw a couple of people on MN recommending it. I haven't ruled out botox or a filler for a very deep frown line between my brows, but will see how I get on with this first...I'd have to check if the Tua trend would be ok to use though if I had any injectables, and would be looking for some recommendations of who to go to for that sort of thing - I'm wary because I've seen quite a bit of bad botox, but I guess people who've had a good job done just look good and you wouldn't know.

The Tua trend machine is small and very portable, so I took it on holiday with me and used it every day.

Birdland Thu 04-Aug-11 20:56:16

I started using the Tua Trend about 3 months ago and could really see a difference not only in the tone but the texture of my skin.

I had spent £600 on nose to mouth line fillers a year ago and just couldn't afford to do it again-fortunately now I don't have to.

My machine broke after 2 months but was replaced by the manufacturer, Tina Richards, within 2 days of sending it back-the customer service was excellent.

I'd really recommend this device although the gurning that you do when using it is non too attractive!

snailsontour Tue 09-Aug-11 21:44:39

I'm so glad to hear that it's working for you! I love my Tua Trend smile

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