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my guardian angel cream from virgin vie has arrived

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Thehusbandsatcricketagain Wed 03-Aug-11 21:24:07

has anyone else tried it,from what I have read it may produce miracles with my crappy snaggy bits around my finger nails (lets all hope & pray) but has anyone had success with it as it was recommended to me

Mousey84 Wed 03-Aug-11 21:44:18

Never needed to use it on fingernails, but it worked wonders on a sore red nose during a cold, and on dds excema (sp?). Id imagine its equally as good on fingernails smile

GeorginaCambrige Thu 04-Aug-11 08:47:33

What were the results? Ive not heard of this before.

Mousey84 Thu 04-Aug-11 13:07:38

Results for me? Sore red skin around nose disappeared almost literally overnight, and dds (mild) patches disappeared in 3 days.

Thehusbandsatcricketagain Thu 04-Aug-11 14:59:50

I tried it last night before going to sleep,did not need too much but really concentrated on problem finger nails area & have to say that they are no where near as tight & sore when I woke up so am hopeful that in a few days I may have pretty fingertips that I can wear nail polish on grin

JemimaMuddledUp Thu 04-Aug-11 15:03:34

Very good on excema and dry, cracked lips. And a tube lasts forever.

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