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hair dilemma - to have it chopped off or not

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roundabout1 Mon 01-Aug-11 22:52:11

I have shoulder length very thick hair that is quite wavy naturally. I have loads of layers in it to stop it being so bushy, it gets too big if left wavy/curly so I always end up straightening it. I'm so tempted to get it cut as I have had the same hairstyle for ages. My hairdresser suggested going for a graduated bob, not too harsh as then it would be ok wavy/curly too. I am so tempted but evryone I've said it too has said no they wouldn;t do it, although they all have naturally straight hair. Any advice/opinions anyone?

Beamur Mon 01-Aug-11 22:58:47

Go for it.
It will grow again if you don't like it.
If you trust your hairdresser, they will know what works for your type of hair. People with naturally straight hair don't know how lucky they are!!

Bohica Mon 01-Aug-11 23:01:25

I have the same hair type & this easter just gone I had the whole lot chopped off!

It was a sharp look to start with, V.V.short at the back with a lonish fringe but now it has grown out (had it cut twice since easter) & it is curly at the back, natural tight curls & I straighten the front.

I can wear the front up or in my eyes & pin it back. I love it & would say go for it to anyone that is thinking about it.

said Mon 01-Aug-11 23:26:01

I have similar hair so do sympathise. Wouldn't it need loads more maintenance if shorter with more layers? Otherwise, it will bush out even more?

MrsBloomingTroll Tue 02-Aug-11 09:53:29

I've also got hair like this and had a graduated bob before having DD1 a few years back. It was the only way I could make it look semi-smart for work. And it was dead simple to straighten. So, go for it! If your hair is like mine, it'll grow back in five minutes anyway.

Make sure your hairdresser chops loads out of the sides or it will risk looking a bit "mushroomy".

My only reservation would be if you're pregnant or have a baby, in which case, don't do it! Because it's much easier to tie back longer hair when dealing with a baby/small child.

roundabout1 Tue 02-Aug-11 12:49:14

Thanks for your replies, my hair is cut in lots of layers at the mo although the bottom bits reach my shoulders. I find it does bush out esp once it's got damp or when it's humid weather - like now! I would like the front bits long enough to tuck behind my ears if poss & a not too short a fringe so it's not too harsh. I ha ve found with a longer fringe it looks ok when it's wavy. My dd2 has just turned one, when I was pregnant & when she was younger my hair was in really good condition, now although it's not dry at the ends it's just very big & a little bit on the wiry side suppose that's why all the hair & length to straighten is driving me mad. My hairdresser suggested this cut to me & while I trust her judgement on the maintenance side & suiting my hair I'm just a bit worried she'll cut it too short as sometimes seems to get carried away when she's talking!

ENormaSnob Tue 02-Aug-11 21:47:00

I have very thick, naturally curly hair and had a graduated bob a few years ago.

I used to have it curly and straight and loved it both ways.

Its now very long and I am contemplating a neck length cut. I only really have it curly nowadays.

roundabout1 Mon 08-Aug-11 15:27:09

well I had it cut. My hairdresser changed her mind after I'd said what my concerns were, ie - not too short at the back & that it be very easy to style curly or straight, so I have had it short, not sure how to describe it, layered all over , not too short into the neck but that curls up even when straightened so next time may cut that shorter, the layers at the sides tuck behind my ears & a not too short fringe. I'm so glad to have had the long hair cut so for anyone else that's contemplating it if you really are sick of it just go for it.

Soups Mon 08-Aug-11 17:14:01

I've had mine cut off recently too smile It was around shoulder length, long layers, thick and prone to frizz. I'd kept it long previously because it's quite springy! and it felt like some length was required to keep it down. It's not at all straight, but not wavy enough to leave it. It took so long to dry I kept not bothering to style it, then use straighteners to look OK. My poor hair spent most of it's time in a crappy pony tail.

I had it cut, so I can just about tie it back, if needed, but rarely have to. I've started using hair clips, for some reason they looked crap on my long hair but suit it shorter. It looks more intentional, rather than hair control. I've been surprised how easy, and quick, it is to keep it looking nice! I can blow dry it properly (takes half the time) and it'll be sleeker. Or give it a quick rough dry, stick some serum and clips it, not so great but I can answer the door without shame. My hair looks much healthier and thicker.

I'm due for a hair cut next week and will get it cut the same length smile Because I can still tie it back, which will be useful for my holiday. Then in Sept I may go a tiny bit shorter again, and maybe grow my fringe out.

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