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A big thank you to whoever....

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 01-Aug-11 20:34:22

Recently somebody on here recommended Gabor as somewhere that I may get some reasonably decent looking but comfortable shoes. Whoever you were - I think you were right! I bought some today and whilst so far they have only been worn indoors I am v impressed indeed.

They are not the height of fashion but they are pretty good looking (certainly better than Fitflops and most of the stuff in Clarks) and they feel lovely and squidgy. Also (and this is a v good sign) neither of my teens have pulled 'Wtf' faces at them. SO thank you MN! smile

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 01-Aug-11 20:38:12


I'm pleased with them, so anybody who wants to tell me that they are old lady shoes - I don't care! smile

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 01-Aug-11 21:25:34

Oh dear. Are they THAT bad?

Cromwell44 Mon 01-Aug-11 22:25:40

They are absolutely fine, look good for work and for those who don't want to be incapacitated by high heels. Might have a look at them myself tomorrow.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 01-Aug-11 22:32:00

Thanks Cromwell. I'm hoping that I'll be able to schlep around art galleries etc in them.

lubeybooby Mon 01-Aug-11 22:40:59

I like them - good looking and comfy shoes are so rare... well done!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 01-Aug-11 23:17:50

Thank you.

I saw and tried on many, many pairs of disgusting shoes, uncomfortable shoes, disgusting AND uncomfortable shoes, disgusting and uncomfortable and bloomin expensive shoes before finding them!

nothruroad Mon 01-Aug-11 23:49:51

I love Gabor shoes. Like the look of those ones. It's SO hard to get really comfy shoes that don't make you look like you're 85.

Mytholmroyd Tue 02-Aug-11 00:07:06

Was it me? I think it was me! Am so pleased if I helped. Can I have a badge now? (Loves Remus forever for saying thankyou)

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 02-Aug-11 10:16:19

You can have a badge AND a certificate! Thank you again. smile

TattyDevine Tue 02-Aug-11 10:46:19

Are they wide fit or standard but just comfy? Wondering what their "remit" is because my mother is always looking for stuff like this (that sound worse than it is, she's a fit granny I promise)

In fact I bog about in all sorts of shit like Birkenstocks and my love of Uggs in the winter is no secret so shoot me now!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 02-Aug-11 11:07:40

They don't say that they are wide fitting and I have quite narrow feet and they seem fine on me. If they are wide-fitting, it is v subtly so or I wouldn't have been able to wear them (eg Fly shoes are far too wide for me and so are Birkies).

HappyAsIAm Tue 02-Aug-11 12:08:44

I have worn Gabor shoes since I was in my twenties. I love them! You do have to be choosy between styles, but I can always find something that suits my bunions and is acceptable from a style perspective.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 02-Aug-11 13:33:34

Well, I've just tested them on a walk to the library and back (about two miles). The library was rubbish but the shoes were good!

Mytholmroyd Tue 02-Aug-11 17:42:18

Thank you Remus! (Proudly pins on "member of Mumsnet Style and Beauty thread" badge) grin

I have quite wide feet especially since babies and I still find them very comfortable - probably because the leather is fine and soft and moulds to my feet at first wear rather than rubs. I think they are marvellous.

chocolateteabag Tue 02-Aug-11 22:46:04

<running in to claim some reflected glory>

I reccomended Gabor shoes on another MN thread here a week ago - these lovely pink ballerina's - the OP had been looking for ones like Hobbs ones but wider.

I love that you can get comfortable AND nice looking shoes. Having got a bunion at 30, my wonky feet are very thankful!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 02-Aug-11 23:16:39

Thanks Chocolate. smile

FellatioNelson Wed 03-Aug-11 06:52:58

I recently bought these from Gabor and I swear they are the most comfortable shoes EVAH. And, and, I really really like them. I am not 25 so I just don't care. I have plenty of crippling, more fashionable shoes, but for days when I don't want to bleed or hobble or fall over, these are the ones for me. grin

GrimmaTheNome Wed 03-Aug-11 16:45:57

>I have quite wide feet especially since babies

me too. Before DD, I liked Italian shoes. Post-DD, my feet have irrevocably spread and Gabor (being German) fit much better!

Frosticle Wed 03-Aug-11 17:56:10

Along similar lines ........ I have REALLY wide feet and the beginnings of a bunion on one foot. blush Over the last few seasons I have bought several pairs of boots/shoes/sandals by Geox. They're terrific!! They are wide enough so they don't pinch my toes and my feet don't bulge over the sides and some of the the styles are pretty cool too! I bought some great Geox suede wedge ankle boots in the winter and despite having a 4inch heel (1inch platform) I could walk for miles in them. Hoorah!

hmmSleep Wed 03-Aug-11 18:12:07

I have these they were super comfy before ds put them in the washing machine sad.

mathanxiety Wed 03-Aug-11 18:14:00

They are lovely. I bought a very similar style in black by Børn a few years ago and have never regretted it. I wear them everywhere, and I can wear them all day.

polyhymnia Wed 03-Aug-11 19:00:50

Hi frosticle, another Geox fan here. First discovered them in Italy where they come from but now they have London shops conveniently placed in Covent Garden and Kings Rd.

As with any make, you have to pick and choose carefully - some styles can be on the 'conservative'/ frumpy side. But have had several good buys there in last few years - comfortable and reasonably stylish.

Snackalot Wed 03-Aug-11 22:06:50

I have enjoyed wearing some Gabor shoes, they lasted for years too. I'd also recommend Ecco - many frumpy styles but in certain shops [Southampton] they have some very cool trendy shoes and boots. So comfy! I rarely buy any other make, now. They are expensive though so best bought in the sales.

manicmij Wed 03-Aug-11 22:58:22

I too have been a fan of Gabor shoes, now for nearly 30 years. I also agree you do have to be careful about the style as some can be a bit ageing. These shoes though are made to be worn by humans not creatures whose sole (sorry for the pun) aim is to wear something of the season no matter how uncomfortable or costly. Gabor make shoes to last and would you believe, you can actually have them repaired. Not like some of the popular makes we are offered. No, I don't work for Gabor, just appreciate the comfort they offer.

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