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Summer clothes that are breast-feeding appropriate?!

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bellastella Mon 01-Aug-11 13:15:06

I'm struggling with what to wear now that the weather is warming up that allows me to feed reasonably discretely.

It is my DS3 (nearly 13 weeks) so I am well versed in the '2 tops, 1 up, 1 down' method but I'm too hot in 2 tops! Also I'm feeling like I don't want all my flesh on display so just moving a single shoulder strap to reveal nearly whole breast is out. Also I don't want to drape anything over me - hot factor again.

Sorry to put up so many obstacles at the beginning, I just feel cruddy at the moment. I am currently a size 12/14. I'd like tops and dresses ideas if possible please. Or to be given suggestions of whole ranges to peruse other than Mothercare. Or anything you think is appropriate, kick up the arse maybe?!

tethersend Mon 01-Aug-11 13:19:23

Peaks of London


mrsgordonfreeman Mon 01-Aug-11 13:28:04

Do you pull down or pull up? I know this depends on boobage and also personal/baby's preference, but pull-downers have a lot more choice in my experience, including any dresses with a deep v neck, buttons or a crossover front, particularly in a stretchy fabric like jersey.

I also go for nursing bras with an A-frame as I feel a bit more covered up. Well, I used to but dd's old enough to pull the whole thing aside now.

TryLikingClarity Mon 01-Aug-11 20:14:22

When I was bfing DS in the heat of summer I used to wear a vest top that I could pull down and wear a sheer or floaty top over the vest.

The sheer material makes it nice and light.

DS hated anything like a scarf or muslin cloth over his head so that wasn't really an option for me.

Ulysses Mon 01-Aug-11 20:26:57

I've got a few sheer/floaty kimono styles tops which I wear over a vest to feed. There's enough material to drape lightly over baby's head. I also like Elle McPherson nursing bras as the leave some material around the boob so you don't have so much flesh on show. Baby's head covers the rest.

bellastella Thu 04-Aug-11 12:02:17

Thankyou for your helpful comments, sorry I am so late in getting back to the thread. It's torrential rain here today following on from yesterdays thunder storm so why I was worrying about the heat I don't know! Hopefully it will come back at some point.

Peaks of London is quite far out of my price range! I have more of a New Look and Peacocks type budget! I will have to look up EP's bras next. Sheer floaty tops- good plan. Will look out for those too. Anyone seen any nice ones?

curlykate99 Thu 04-Aug-11 16:59:41

I've been feeling the same this week having previously been a fan of the 2 top method, so Ive just given up on the vest underneath and just cover my belly with a muslin or cardie while I pull my top up - my LO is also 13 weeks now and getting too heavy to hold horizontally so having him on more of a diagonal slant covers up most of the belly anyway.

For cheaper a-frame bras, try Miriam Stoppard two for £25 cotton nursing bras from Debenhams - come in various prints and all cotton as well which is good for the heat. They are on the small side though so worth trying on or ordering a cup size larger than usual.

HTH smile

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