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Advice / ideas needed for thick hair please ...

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tinkerbug Mon 01-Aug-11 11:42:06

I have very thick hair, and by thick I don't mean the individual hairs are thick, just that I have loads of hair - it grows very densely iyswim! It's currently quite long, several inches below shoulder level, with long layers and some shorter layers at the front. It's sort of a dark blonde / mousy brown colour and I do sporadically have some quite subtle blonde highlights put in (full head of highlights takes about 4 hours as hair is so thick!) My question is, what style would make it more manageable? If left after washing to dry naturally (which takes about 3 hours!) it goes wavy and bushy at the back, straight and bushy at the front. Blowdrying leaves it straight(ish!) but still bushy. The only way I can wear it loose is after a marathon ghd session which I don't have the time or patience for each time I wash it. So it usually ends up shoved in a ponytail or bun. Sorry for long post, any advice appreciated!

chocolateteabag Tue 02-Aug-11 23:02:28

I have similar hair and have just had an express Keratin blow dry at my local Saks. Hair is now loads softer and dries quicker and flatter with no frizz.

My MIL has had the proper one done - where the keratin is ironed in and your hair is then much straighter for longer. Is called the brazilian blow dry in some places - but isn't the japanese straightening thingy.

It's pricey (£90 for the express one, 170-200 for the full one) but some people have found groupon deals for them.

Hairstyle wise - grow your layers down to only 1-2 inches. The shorter your hair the less weight to hold it down. Then go for an on your shoulder length. Kind of like the style Jennifer Anniston has in Friends when she is going out with Tag/30th birthday episode


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