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Boden Sale - Do you think there will be further reductions?

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snailsontour Mon 01-Aug-11 11:38:13

Despite spending a small fortune already in the sale, I've still got my eyes on a few things - wants but not needs. So I tell myself that I won't order anything unless the prices drop some more.

What's the norm? Is it worth waiting or biting the bullet and ordering now?

Ime, they won't go cheaper now.

There is the initial sale, then they add afew bits and drop a few prices (they have already done this). Then the clearance runs until they do those town hall sale things.

snailsontour Mon 01-Aug-11 20:58:32

Hmmm, thanks, that's pretty much as I thought.

Do you have any idea how much cheaper things are in the town hall sales?

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