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Christening present for godson

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tak1ngchances Sun 31-Jul-11 13:58:18

This is actually a bit more difficult than I had envisaged. I have only ever bought presents for baby girls (nice jewellery to keep in safekeeping and the like). What shall I get for my godson...his christening is in two weeks' time. Budget is £150 and I would like something he will have when he is older. If anyone has any brainwaves they would be v much appreciated!

Olivetti Sun 31-Jul-11 14:05:40

Boys are more tricky, I agree. I got my Godson a St Christopher, which he probably won't wear, but can carry with him or keep safely when he is older. That said, he is Catholic, so it was a fairly obvious present, but that might not seem appropriate depending on your religious denomination.

One of the nicest Christening presents my DD received from one of her Godmothers was a collection of all of her Godmother's favourite childhood books, across all the age ranges. Milly Molly Mandy, Fantastic Mr Fox, Stig of the Dump and then older ones. You could do that, but get nice expensive versions of some of them? We were really touched, and it's a lovely thing for the future that you could share with your Godson.

CornishKK Sun 31-Jul-11 14:17:30

I got my son & nephew a stool from Beaver Furniture for their 1st birthdays but apparently they are also popular christening presents. I had names carved on the seat and dates of birth underneath. Both boys love having their own special seats but I think when they are adults they'll make nice footstools & can even be passed down the through the family.

Beaver Furniture

Graciescotland Sun 31-Jul-11 14:28:20

DS was given a little (sterling) silver cup from JL, it has a gold teddy bear hanging from the handle. We had it engraved with his name, date of christening etc. DH uses it for his cufflinks, I imagine DS will do the same when he's older.

brookeslay Sun 31-Jul-11 15:31:16

You could get three books one for his age now, one classic Childhood Book Wind in the Willows for example and one for when he is an adult a lovely Special Edition Classic book .. leather bound. A nice edition Ian Fleming for example.

cathers Sun 31-Jul-11 15:38:51

Steiff Teddy Bear?
Royal Mail Stamp / Royal Mint edition of day of his birth?
A fossil? can get some great dinosaur teeth etc!
DS 2 was given part of the outer lining of a space shuttle which landed in his year of birth! No idea where they got it from, but obviously collectable, in frame with NASA certificate.

brookeslay Sun 31-Jul-11 15:44:20

That sounds great cathers the space shuttle collectable.

You could buy a token fun present now and then open a bank account paying in £1.00 a week until they are 17 to pay for their driving lessons.

tak1ngchances Sun 31-Jul-11 16:38:58

Thanks so much everyone. I am flying from London to Dublin for the christening and I need something that will travel well in hand luggage. (i.e. not too bulky/heavy).
I had bought two solid silver napkin rings in a box, hallmarked Sheffield 1906. But then I remembered that his mum absolutely hates antiques. She is quite blingy (I love her to BITS so this is not a criticism, just a description).
I do love the idea of the books. I could maybe order those from an Irish bookstore and have them delivered to her address directly.
I also saw this it nice or nasty?

Olivetti Sun 31-Jul-11 17:43:00

That is gorgeous, but I'd be scared to use it!

Malvapoeding Sun 31-Jul-11 17:52:44

We got our Godson a silver compass with his name and christening date on, the thought behind it was he would never be directionless in life. His parents loved it.

OhCobblers Sun 31-Jul-11 22:23:09

How about going for a more adult present (loved the silver napkin ring idea) and going for silver cufflinks with his initials engraved.

My DH and I have given quite a few christening gifts over the years and have always bought more adult orientated presents - think they'll get more use out of them later rather than as children (though i'm aware that that is the more "traditional" thought process!).

MrsMilton Mon 01-Aug-11 00:17:37

We were given silver Tiffany cufflinks for DS as a chrstening gift - they cost £150. It amuses me to think of him wearing cufflinks... He also got a Steiff bear and I know they are quite expensive too - its fab and I make sure he plays with it rather than keep it on a shelf.

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