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Anyone gone from long to short hair successfully?

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OnEdge Sun 31-Jul-11 09:18:16

I have had long hair all my life and its really getting on my tits now grin
I've got 3 little kids and run my own business blah blah blah, so Im always fucked, and i'm always scraping my hair back into a horrid ponytail.

I am thinking about having it short, any ideas ? And is anyone happier with it after it was cut, or do you all regret it ?

mckenzie Sun 31-Jul-11 09:34:57

I have done a couple of times and always found it refreshing and a good experience. I have then endded up about a year later growing it again to then get it all cut off again but that's just me smile

SophRunning Sun 31-Jul-11 09:44:23

I had long hair for 20 years and then chopped it all off 9 months ago before turning 40. Loved it: felt reinvented and reinvigorated.

However since then I've realised that a. long hair is much much easier to deal with when you're in a hurry/having a bad hair day cos you can just put it up b. i quite liked who i was before and c. short hair can be very ageing..

Am now growing it back!

mckenzie Sun 31-Jul-11 09:50:42

I assume by your title you are a runner Soph and I too found it harder for exercise when my hair was short as I didn't have the classic pony tail option. I went even shorter to combat that issue and also to combat the hassle in the morning issue. I think it does depend on your hair texture too. Mine is very fine and straight so i needed a very short urchin cut that i washed or damped down, ran my fingers through and away i went. If you have thicker wavy hair I think you have more options.

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