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I've fallen in love with some totally impractical boots.

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VivaLeBeaver Sat 30-Jul-11 23:59:37

I can't think when I'd ever wear them if I bought them. Would I be mad to get them

Ungratefulchild Sun 31-Jul-11 00:02:50

They are nice and not that impractical apart from the colour?

Awomancalledhorse Sun 31-Jul-11 00:04:08

I like the style, but if you've got nothing to wear them with..wait until the sale! wink

VivaLeBeaver Sun 31-Jul-11 00:05:55

Yes, it's the colour that makes me think they're impractical, but it's also the colour that makes me like them! Could they be worn with a dress do you think?

VivaLeBeaver Sun 31-Jul-11 00:12:31

I'm far too impatient to wait till the sale!

tethersend Sun 31-Jul-11 00:18:38

They won't last until the sale.

They are lovely, will go with everything, buy them at once grin

pictish Sun 31-Jul-11 00:19:11

They WILL be in the sale. That's a dead cert.

ggirl Sun 31-Jul-11 00:20:56

ooh I think they're quite good value
agree they will be snapped up and will go with loads

VivaLeBeaver Sun 31-Jul-11 00:34:15

Isn't the sale on now though? <confused>. So I thought they must be new stock. I can't wait for the next sale in nov or whenever it is.

I'm just worried they might date quite quickly. Black or brown boots will always be quite safe but next year people might snogger At me in those boots.

pictish Sun 31-Jul-11 00:35:22

Nah - I think they're more classic than that.

ggirl Sun 31-Jul-11 00:38:06

they will look fab with rolled up to ankle slim leg chinos and cream silk over sized blouse ...please get them grin

VivaLeBeaver Sun 31-Jul-11 00:40:46

Ok, will go to topshop tomorrow to see if I can find them in rl to try on for size.

spiderslegs Sun 31-Jul-11 00:50:04

Got these last Autumn from Net, wear them all the time, brougue boots are ACE.

spiderslegs Sun 31-Jul-11 00:50:19


statueofliberty Sun 31-Jul-11 00:51:57

Oh wow I love them,go for it,treat yourself x

FaffTastic Sun 31-Jul-11 11:54:07

Like the style, HATE the colour. They are only impractical because I can't actually imagine them going and looking nice with anything. Def wait for sale if you must have!

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