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It's no use, I just can't make up my mind about the whole 20-40 thing.

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fartmeistergeneral Fri 29-Jul-11 22:40:12

You know, 40 year olds dressing as 20 year olds.

I'm in my early 40s, but dress quite young I think. I feel young. I listen to a lot of music and go to gigs and scream and dance (ahem).

I just don't know if I dress too young for my age. I'm a 10, but don't ever show a lot of flesh (I do wear spaghetti strap vest tops in the summer, but feel a bit self conscious).

I was walking past New Look today and saw a really cute burgundy quilted jacket with a hood, and my first thought was, I must have it! Then I thought, can I really get away with a cute hooded jacket at my age?

I have hoody things, don't get me wrong, but just wonder if I'm pushing it a bit and will look a bit ridiculous. i just don't know, aagh!

DioneTheDiabolist Fri 29-Jul-11 22:41:45

Wear what you want.
I'm nearly 40 and I dress like a toddler.
A male toddler.blush

fartmeistergeneral Fri 29-Jul-11 22:42:13

fartmeistergeneral Fri 29-Jul-11 22:42:41

I do generally think, wear what you want, but as I advance into my 40s I'm starting to have doubts...

MirandaGoshawk Fri 29-Jul-11 22:46:05

That jacket doesn't scream 'teenager' at me. If you're a size 10 it'll look great on you.

The only thing I wouldn't recommend as a 40yo is show too much flesh. And wear a frilly dress over jeans. No.

fartmeistergeneral Fri 29-Jul-11 22:51:16

I have converse. Please god I don't look like her. I can't put my finger on it.

echt Fri 29-Jul-11 23:47:40

Know what you mean, fartmeister. Sorry to say, it's her face and hair. She can't help her face, but without being wrinkly, she just looks middle-aged. The mirthless smile's not helping, either.

Hair's a mess; v. boring and mumsy and the pose is just like the ladies' underwear models from catalogues back when I was a kid (I'm in my late 50s, for the perspective).

FrancesFarmer Fri 29-Jul-11 23:58:03

Number one - that jacket is quite classic and would work on any age group imo.

Number two - Daily Mail fashion shoots always look unappealing. The styling is dreadful and makes even the nicest clothes look dull and prim. Have you seen the Comptoir des Cotonniers ads featuring mothers and daughters wearing clothes by that brand? They're pretty inspiring.

spiderslegs Sat 30-Jul-11 00:08:50

It's the hair, the hair is mumsy central, & yes, the pose, & the general 'air' of middle aged, smug, twattishness.

Feel quite sick after seeing her in the jeans & sweats look.

Jacket looks fine to me Fart, not too young. It's how you wear it anyway....

BitOfFun Sat 30-Jul-11 00:13:57

< indulges in bleaches brain of lesbo prison sex scenes after seeing FrancesFarmer on thread>

Those daily mail photos are horrific. It is the smuggery and the Stepford blow-dry that kill it.

echt Sat 30-Jul-11 00:16:56

God, I hadn't scrolled down on the link!

Hmm all the clothes are horrible part from the Zara trench coat which looks OK on the mum.
Now I know who she reminds me of, Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, but without the frizz.

spiderslegs Sat 30-Jul-11 00:19:26

echt is in fact, correct, all looks on the DM article are vile. Without reservation.

startail Sat 30-Jul-11 00:20:56

I want DDs White stuff top and her red herring jeggings. Not a hope she's a size 10/12 and I'm notsad

startail Sat 30-Jul-11 00:22:41

Back on topic lemon and peach yerk

ggirl Sat 30-Jul-11 00:27:53

my dd is the master at spotting 'mums trying to be young'
honestly she scares me
converse always make her hoot
hate her sometimes wink

spiderslegs Sat 30-Jul-11 00:31:45

Soo - what do you wear??

Age & last four purchaes please?

Tortington Sat 30-Jul-11 00:31:53

that quilted jacket is fuck ugly

apart from that - wear what you want, someone will always judge you - like i give a shit what strangers think

no i dont

fuck you strangers...fuck you grin

now where is the thread that starts "my 18 yr old daughter keeps stealing my skinny jeans and she looks like lamb dressed at mutton" eh? cos those jeans are mine dd and i want them back

ggirl Sat 30-Jul-11 00:33:41

oh I wear what I bloody want
not converse though
I used to care what she thought , then realised ...meh! lifes too short

ggirl Sat 30-Jul-11 00:35:03

I am 49

and not in M&S per una qute yet

superjobee Sat 30-Jul-11 00:42:18

they jackets always make me think of rita sue and bob too.. so unbelieveably 80s! and that smug git on that photo shoot uck she's so smug and looks awful in all of those outfits, saying that so does the young girl tbf.

spiderslegs Sat 30-Jul-11 00:58:43

But are they 'avin' a gang bang Super? I think not.

superjobee Sat 30-Jul-11 01:23:52

eeek! barf i had forgotten that part!

ifancyashandy Sat 30-Jul-11 07:06:37

41 yr old. Wear skinny jeans and converse. Meh to not wearing them!

Last 4 purchases?

Hot pink skinny jeans (True Religion)
Colbalt blue skinny jeans (see above)
White loose cotton v'neck top (shaped like a t-shirt but blouse material and loose. Zara)
Blue pleated calf length chiffon skirt (Zara)

I bloody love clothes!

EttiKetti Sat 30-Jul-11 07:17:44

Great jacket!! I wear converse, not tried skinny jeans but might and I'm still finding my way in.the fashion stakes after years shopping in Evans and Ann Harvey hmm but even I can see how ridiculous the mum looks in that shoot!

StroppyDad Sat 30-Jul-11 07:26:47

A man here. I think the older woman looks fine in her daughter's clothes - better in some of them than in some of her own. I agree with someone above who suggested that it's mainly the hair and poses that are the problem.

Basically, if the Daily Mail are judging against something, it's probably a point in its favour. Wear what you like.

(BTW, my DW is close in age to the OP and lady in the article and tends to dress quite young. She looks great.)

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