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Holiday wardrobe inspiration - help please :-)

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tulpe Fri 29-Jul-11 20:01:00

Am just about to start packing for my holiday (Greek Islands) and could do with some new inspiration for holiday dressing. Anyone care to share their favourite websites for summer outfit ideas?

No idea re websites sorry but last year for a week in Santorini I took:

2 bikinis (one blue, one black)
2 sarongs (one to go with each bikini) - big enough to tie as a skirt, dress or top
blue shorts
black shorts
enough cami tops for one a day
black vest dress
white vest dress
white cotton dress
blue silk dress
another dress
couple of skirts (to be worn with the camis, which I washed after wearing in the day)
flip flops
more sensible sandals for walking

tulpe Fri 29-Jul-11 20:48:23

Thanks Remus . I usually take something along the lines of your list. Was really looking for some gorgeously styled photos for inspiration for something different or ideas on how to wear hair etc.

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