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What dress would be best for a wedding?

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byanymeans Fri 29-Jul-11 09:20:16

HI there, I have close family wedding to go to new June but Im looking at getting the dress this year to save some hassle closer to the time.

(As we have a to find the brides and 2 bridesmaids dresses just before due to the fact that they are now pregnant and due around 3 months pre-wedding grin.)

I have been looking at dresses:
This one I love or This one and being a seamstress can make easy very similar or buy one of these ones.

However I tried on And fell in love with this dress but cant afford the ££ price tag and as much as I like the color it is not one I wear normally at all so would need new shoes and accessories on a budget.

Now I am torn on making a the top dress which is my normal style or trying to find a cheaper copy of the second and go for a totally different style to normal???

I'm 5, 7 tall & a size 12 (but with child bearing hips and non flat mummy tummywink)

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Fri 29-Jul-11 11:02:10

I like the first one because I love the colour. Sseeing as you are a seamstress you can mix and match and make what you like (lucky you!). The second one is nice too as it the third although perhaps you should try some on in that style to see if it skims your tummy and hips in a nice way.

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