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skirt help - what on earth do you wear with them?

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shelley72 Fri 29-Jul-11 07:53:55

as you can gather i have very little experience of skirts - think it ended sometime in the 5th year (shows age). but after endless painful hours of not being able to find nice jeans i thought they may be worth revisiting.

so i have purchased a boden skirt here which fits well and i think i like but is quite boden printy and also have a denim skirt from white stuff . i think that i can wear these with opaque tights and i have some flat chunky boots - but what to wear on top? a t shirt looks kind of wrong on me, a blouse (as someone suggested shock) would make me look like my mother and i dont have many other options without shopping.

so what goes with skirts? anyone like to show me how this skirt wearing business is done?!

cheekeymonkey Fri 29-Jul-11 16:07:37

2 rules aply, if it's a 'sticky out' skirt (A line etc), then a fitted top is required and the opposite for 'fitted' skirt (pencil).

If a t shirt looks wrong on you then you probably just need to play around with different necklines/sleeve lengths I think?

ifancyashandy Fri 29-Jul-11 16:19:48

Hmm. Not sure I exactly agree with the 'rules' above - you can wear more 'blousey' tops with A-line skirts (think 'Charlie's Angels' style 1970's) but these need heels not flats. Heeled boots look good with A-line skirts. Agree that you probably need to play around with necklines / arm lengths with t-shirts.

What I once advised a friend to do was to go to a big store like Zara and take the skirts with you. Take anything you vaguely like into the changing rooms and just try stuff on. Try on stuff you would never normally wear, just to see what it looks like. But there are rules to doing this!

* Do not do it when pre-memstral
* Do not do this when hungry / dehydrated
* Do not do this when pushed for time
* Do put face on / make hair look nice
* Do put underwear on that makes you feel good
* Do not take kids with you!grin

I would wear a skirt shape like that with:

Spring - ballet flats, t-shirt and denim jacket
Summer - flip flops and a camisole
Autum - nude tights (much hated on here), wedges, long sleeved t-shirt or cotton/silk v neck jumper
Winter - knee high boots with a small heel, cashmere v neck jumper

skirt Fri 29-Jul-11 16:55:34

is here

shelley72 Wed 03-Aug-11 07:30:53

thank you all, i am going to book myself a days shopping (hopefully on my own grin) and try and and find some basic t shirts then - thinking maybe zara, h&m?
ifancyashandy am shocked that people have time to do hair, make up AND find nice underwear!

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